How to Mix Different Wood Shades In Your Home
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Mix Different Wood Shades in Your Decor: Helpful Tips

There’s nothing quite like the timeless elegance of timber, and this natural material comes in many different forms, and with some careful selection, you can blend a wide range of shades and textures into a setting. There used to be a time when all the wooden items would have a similar colour and pattern, but thankfully, we have moved on, and mixing shades of brown, textures and grains is now considered trendy.  Here are tips on how to mix different wood shades in your home.

Wood Tones

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Walnut & Cherry

Both of these timbers are widely used in vintage and antique furniture, and there is a wide spectrum of light to bark browns to give the room some variation. There are some outstanding examples of walnut and cherry antique furniture available at, who are one of the leading UK antique dealers based in London and The Home Counties.

Blend Both Cool and Warm Wood Tones

To really give a room some texture and depth, why not blend some cool, pale wood flooring with dark, warm wood tones, which forms your two base shades. White and beige are ideal colours to support this, and with a couple of antique mirrors framed with mahogany or walnut, you have the perfect combination for a warm and inviting ambience.

Using Antique Furniture

With so many different shades of wood, antique and vintage furniture is ideal for bringing in shades and patterns to a room, and by joining forces with an online antiques dealer, you can browse a wide selection of timber furniture to add some appeal to your interior.

Wood Tones


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The Rustic Look

Pine is the wood, and there are many shades that blend together to form the perfect country look, and pine is so varied, you can have it on the floor and walls, with contrasting shades. In the kitchen, you can install an Aga, and with some vintage pine shelving and kitchen cabinets, you can really create a visually appealing room that is also very functional. There are lots of vintage kitchen furniture offered by online antique dealers, and if you are looking for something specific, the online antique dealer can help you to source it.

Mixing Timber Finishes

Blending polished walnut and cherry with some matte surfaces adds some depth, and some timber is stained, while other items are finely polished, giving you a range of finishes to play with. Dark and light shades of wood can be blended together to create an attractive look, and there’s nothing wrong with some experimentation with timber colours and grains.

Vinyl & Laminate

There are some stunning timber designs in both vinyl and laminate flooring, and both are suitable for wet rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a hardwood floor, why not install luxury vinyl, which comes in more than 30 different timber designs.

Wood Tones


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Most homeowners prefer to introduce a few vintage or antique items of furniture into a modern setting, and there are so many variations of timber grains that you will have no problem finding something suitable.

Do you mix different wood shades in your property?

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