How To Choose A Theme For Your Website

How to choose a theme for your website

I remember when I first established a blog that I was confused by the terminology. When people talked about themes I thought that must mean the topic you were going to write about. In reality, a theme refers to the look of your website or blog. There are so many choices available when selecting a theme for WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and HTML5 that you may feel quite overwhelmed. You have so much tech to think about when setting up a website or self-hosted blog. I am going to share some tips on how to choose a theme for your website.

Header design

Your header is the first thing visitors to your website. It is your virtual calling card so it needs to be on message and to get the right impression of your business over quickly.  You can check out header designs for themes if you click here for ideas to move forward. It should be attractive but don’t fall into the trap of just using your personal taste. Your header is there to communicate the type of business you are. You could choose an image without text as your header perhaps particularly if you are in the business of dreams such as fine dining or luxury travel. However, it can be a risk as it is difficult to get over your message without some text. Your text can include the name of your business, a strapline saying what you provide and a call to action. Slideshow headers can be useful if you are reaching out to different types of customer and with diverse products and/or services. Some people use video headers. If you do this you need an original and high quality video with a clear message.

Menu bars

It is all well and good to have a pretty design but it is not a good theme if it does not provide you with a user-friendly menu bar. Visitors to your website use the menu bar to help them navigate your offers. We are usually time poor and keen to find information quickly. You will start warming up your potential customers nicely if they can access what they are looking for quickly. There are fantastic WordPress themes that offer superb menu bars.

Content width

Different themes give you options of having your content across the page or perhaps you prefer a boxed design. Received wisdom is that boxed designs are more traditional whereas the other choice is more modern. Bear in mind that this is just a rule of thumb and you should make your own decision based on what you already know about your business and its customers.

Don’t spend a small fortune

I would strongly advise you taking on a website designer when it comes to how to choose a theme for your website. Most businesses have limited marketing budgets. When it comes to themes there are many free or low-cost ones so that is a much better option. Again be efficient and don’t spend too long selecting a theme. It is so easy to do this with so many available. Take the points above into account and bit the bullet and select one. If it does not work for you as you would wish, you can always change it later.


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