Kitchen Tips You Should Know This Year


It is so important during your time as a homeowner to have a kitchen that both functions and looks great. The kitchen is the heart, or stomach, of the home, and it is the place where we make our meals as well as host occasions with the people we love the most. 

Today we want to take a look at the kitchen and some of the simple tips you can implement to the space to make sure that you are adulting right this year. 

Light is everything 

When designing a kitchen for both practically and success it is important to bring in lots of natural light. If you think about all of the designer kitchens you’ve seen over the years they all share an important trait which is lots of natural light coming in from every angle. Consider installing larger windows or a french door to the kitchen and bring some space into the room. It will make all the difference to you and your family. 

Storage is key 

When designing the kitchen of your dreams we are sure that the placement of items is not what you are thinking about. The image of a sleek set of cupboards, some herbs, and a clean kitchen table is likely on your mind but to achieve this you will need some storage space. Storage space is crucial to keep all of those tins, bottles, pans, cutlery and cleaning supplies out of sight and in a safe space. Make sure that your kitchen has ample storage space and this will make all the difference to you. 

Baking soda does everything 

When working in your kitchen you will soon discover that grease seems to find its way everywhere in the room. As well as grease you will likely get a clogged drain now and again – and sometimes your pans will become crusted with dirt you can’t seem to shift. Well, look no further than baking soda and vinegar. By sprinkling baking soda on your pans, down the drain, or on the hob and pouring vinegar on top you can create that school volcano reaction that will actually clean off tough dirt. Leave it for 30 minutes and wipe away to reveal clean surfaces and an unclogged drain. 

Fruit and vegetable storage impacts freshness 

When storing food in your kitchen it is important to know some simple rules. Never store onions near potatoes, don’t put bananas in the fridge, and keep chopped apples white using lemon juice. There are lots of ways to keep your food fresh and tasty and you need to take some time to implement these storage techniques to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. 

You need glass jars 

Glass jars are your new best friend. Never throw away a coffee jar – instead use it to store fry food items like rice and pasta. Your pantry could be filled with glass jars and this will protect your food as well as keep it organised. Use labels to ensure you know what’s what and this will create a simple clean kitchen. 


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