Top 5 Children’s Books that Improve English Writing Skills

Reading and writing are the most typical skills any kid should possess. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that every child knows how to read and read at an earlier age. However, regardless of these skills’ typicality Among the kids, some are good at reading. Others are good at writing, and others at both. On the other side, others may not be in an excellent position to perform both skills successfully. Therefore, this piece fosters writing and reading skills by highlighting children’s books crucial for improving reading and writing skills. The following are some of the most typical books that will enhance your child’s reading and writing skills. Let us get set.


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

It is a common title in libraries. Right? “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is one of the most outstanding books you can always consider for your kid’s ability to write and to read correctly. As the title suggests, the book talks about a caterpillar, a creature fond of unhealthy food. With gradual changes, the caterpillar opts to transform into a butterfly, which is biologically factual. By doing so, the caterpillar takes up better and healthier options. This book’s essence comes when a kid has problems knowing specific food choices and colors. Etc. Reading this book equips your kid with the ability to remember newer notions.

 “Goodnight Moon”

It is also another captivating title in the libraries, which glues the kids with a bunny story. In the book, it is notable that the bunny bids goodbye to almost everything in the room. From a general perspective, the book is more charming and encouraging the children to read because of its sweeter story. There is no more significant pressure from the book, giving the student a chance to read and learn new words. The book also emphasizes the repetition of some words to build the ability to remember among the kids.

 “Where the Wild Things Are”

Even though it is a bit trickier for the average kid, books serve different and crucial roles in advancing a child’s ability to read and write. If you have the potential of struggling and understanding the previously discussed books, then “Where the Wild Things Are” should be a good fit. After reading this book, you can consider its movie version to understand it better. An overview of this book illustrates a character named Max. Max meets monsters who are wild things. It is structured to give a coherent plot and uses simple language that is friendly to the child.

 “The Giving Tree”

It is also complex for the child but helps them develop the ability to read new words and understand new ideas. The book is all about a tree and a boy. The duo is companions and serves as characters within the book, making the story more coherent. It is an ordinary book among children, and therefore, most kids may have encountered it on the shelves. It is a perfect fit for children who are newbies in reading. It is not so complex for the average learner.

 “The Cat in the Hat”

One of most children’s most incredible potential friends is the book termed “The Cat in the Hat.” Just like the title states, the book entails cats and kids as the main characters. An overview of the book expresses the cat as possessive of bad behavior. Usually, it is considered mischievous. One recommendable fact about the book is that it takes the student’s attention and concentration right from the onset of reading to the end. Therefore, when the student concentrates much on the book, they are likely to learn more on new vocabulary, spellings, and grammatical words.


Reading is an incredible culture that each child should have. Parents or any other elderly persons should generate a better environment to enable children to read books. However, it should not just be all about reading books. The choice of books for your children should also matter a lot. The above books are essential in developing a child’s reading and writing culture, saving child from having to ask you to do homework for me. By reading these books, children learn how to punctuate, pronounce, read, spell, and other grammatical necessities. It is good to note that these are not the only books children can rely on for reading and writing purposes. There is a wide range of resources through which children can learn and integrate interactivity to quickly achieve reading and writing skills. A thorough exploration of the internet will also land you on applications, websites, and other crucial online books essential for a learner who needs to know much more about writing and reading.

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