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Overcoming trauma and helping others – Dina’s story

Dina Shale, from Leicestershire UK, has transformed her life after her own childhood trauma. Growing up, Dina experienced several years of childhood abuse from the people closest to her. Many people take for granted that the people you can trust the most in the world are your parents. This wasn’t the case for Dina, as she experienced sexual, mental and physical abuse. After years of this abuse, Dina was kicked out of her home and became homeless at sixteen. She desperately sought the security and peace that she lacked so fervently in her childhood.

There was only one escape from her trauma that Dina experienced as a child. She knew that being around horses was a source of peacefulness for her. Because of this, Dina now has spent the past 10 years training in Equine Facilitated Learning by attending courses all around the world, so that she can understand and process her own trauma and emotions, and to help others that have experienced the same sense of loneliness, insecurity and confusion.

Firstly, Dina developed a programme, ‘Project Pony’, which aimed to consider the science of emotions as well as incorporate the healing nature of horses that Dina benefitted from herself as a younger woman. Now, Dina has recently created a new programme, ‘Highway2Healing’ which aims to help people that are struggling with their own emotions after traumatic events. It is a 12-part weekly programme, teaching nomadic old-aged techniques, strategies and tools for healing specifically to be taught online and developed in response to the mental-health crisis that COVID-19 has triggered.

Dina has experienced a turbulent journey from the beginning, one that she has faced with bravery, honesty and determination. The abuse at the hands of her father became the starting block of Dina’s journey to help others with similar trauma. Along this road of helping others, Dina has faced different setbacks, roadblocks and delays along the way. But, her determination to help others and give back to her community is truly Dina’s most admirable trait. She has consistently persevered by helping others in her community, creating courses like ‘Highway2Healing’ that will benefit others. There have been many times when Dina has been told that she couldn’t succeed. Luckily for the people that she has helped along the way, Dina hasn’t ever given up on her dream of using her herd of horses to help people.



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  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    Wow. Dina sure is one strong, brave women. It’s wonderful to see how she’s turned her life around and now so selflessly helping others in need. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing Dina’s story over on #mischiefandmemories xx

  • loopyloulaura

    I think it is amazing when people who have experienced trauma use their lives positively to help others. It has never made sense to me that abused people sometimes perpetuate the behaviour in their own families when they know the trauma and pain it causes and recognise it isn’t normal. Well done Dina and your lovely horses! Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

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