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My Top 10 Tips for Self-Care

Today I thought I would write a bit about self-care, and the importance of looking after ourselves- something which is particularly important during these tough times.

We should always practice healthy self-care habits. But sometimes it is easier said than done to take the time to look after ourselves. This is especially true when working towards stressful deadlines, or when trying to entertain children all day.

So these are a few helpful tips that can help you look after yourself, practising healthy self-care habits, and improving both your mental and physical health.

Limit time on social media

Social media can be fantastic for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends- and now more than ever we need ways to connect. However, social media can be draining, and it’s so important to take time away from it. It’s also so easy to compare ourselves to those online, so remember to spend some time in the real world too.

Take time to yourself

At the moment we’re spending a lot more time with family and friends. But it’s so important to remember to take some time to yourself. Maybe you could take an extra long shower. Or you could draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath. For an extra special treat, indulge in an at home massage or pampering session. Even if it’s a five minute walk before the kids wake up- it’s so important to have some alone time. Never underestimate the importance of re-grouping and having some time to settle your thoughts.

Do something different

If I’m busy or stressed, and I feel like I need to have a bit of a self-care day, I find doing something out of the ordinary can make me feel a bit more positive. This could be something as simple as watching a different kind of film, or something more complicated like learning a language. Anything to take your mind off what’s making you feel stressed.

Eat healthy

In my opinion, healthy eating is central to practising good self-care. It is so easy to slip into poor eating habits when you’re feeling bad, but looking after your body is one way you can give yourself control over your day. It’s also the perfect way to look after yourself, as you’ll feel much better in the long run if you look after your body. A healthy body is central to a healthy mind.


Just like eating healthy, doing a workout- or any form of exercise- is a good, healthy way to look after yourself. Not only does exercise give you an endorphin rush. Getting into a healthy exercising routine can improve your mood. Taking time out of your day to workout or go for a run, for example, also gives you ample time to practice self-care.

Do some cooking

I’ve found it very relaxing to practice my cooking and baking during lockdown. Cooking is a great way to practice self-care, as it can force you to focus on something concrete. It’s also very relaxing, and means that at the end of it you’ll have a good meal- provided you follow the recipe!

Limit time talking to others over video call

This one is particularly pertinent to today, as more and more of our daily lives are conducted over video call. While it might seem like a good idea to line up lots of social activities over video during these trying times, these calls can be very draining. So try and break up video calls with some time alone. Chatting to others is important, but looking out for your own mental health is even more important. Don’t be afraid to prioritise yourself.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are great ways to improve your state of mind, and taking the time to settle your thoughts is central to self-care. There are so many apps and online videos if you need some advice on how to get started. It can be helpful to play a meditation tape or podcast before you fall asleep, and looking after your mind and mental health is central to self-care.

Limit time on technology before bed

A good sleeping pattern is central to practising healthy self-care habits. A good way to improve your sleep is to avoid using technology right before bed. This is easier said than done if you’re busy or working towards a deadline, but switching off your phone or computer half an hour before bed could be essential for your self-care.

Create a pre-bedtime routine

Lots of self-care comes down to pampering and relaxing. And one of the best ways to relax before bedtime is to get into a regular routine. When your life is feeling very busy or stressful, it’s so important to have a good self-care routine to set you on your way. For me, this involves activities such as taking my make-up off and brushing my teeth. Whatever it is, get yourself ready for a good, refreshing night’s sleep.

I hope there’s some tips here that will help you look after yourself in these difficult times, leading to healthier, happier lifestyle choices. It’s always okay to prioritise yourself. Taking some time to practice healthy self-care habits will improve your productivity. So, even if you’re working towards a deadline, taking a bit of time to look after yourself and practice healthy habits will always pay off in the long run!

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