Environmentally Friendly Blogger

Environmentally friendly blogger

If ever there was a time we needed to save the planet it is now so I was delighted to hear from an environmentally friendly blogger.I used to be so cynical about global warming, the need to recycle and anything to do with protecting distant future generations. That has changed. As we see the impact of our use of plastic in our oceans and changes to the weather, it is clear something dramatic is going on. It can all seem a bit overwhelming but we can all take steps to be more environmentally friendly. I have always recognised that blogging can be used as a force for change. I am delighted new bloggers like Kaye from Live the Frugal Life are using their platforms to show us how we can do out bit for the planet’s wellbeing.


“I’m a new blogger who started blogging exactly 1 month ago. I started blogging as a side hustle alongside my time as a university student. I’ve always wanted to try out blogging especially as I was keen to share my many money saving tips. Starting this blog is so nerve-wrecking! I kept thinking ‘will people like what they see? Will they even SEE this?’ I still have these fears.

While setting up my blog and starting to publish some posts, I’ve received a few comments on how environmentally friendly my tips are. I was initially quite surprised by these comments as I’ve been doing it unintentionally. As I sit back and wonder why that’s happening, I realised that it must have been the way I was raised and the environment that I grew up with. My mother is obsessed with growing vegetables and fruits of every kind. We’ve also got 4 chickens. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my parents buy eggs…and we have a family of 6!

I believe it must’ve been my mum who brings back vegetables and eggs into the house while saying ‘look how much money we saved!’, which built up the mindset I have today. Without realising, my idea of ‘saving money’ is strongly linked with ‘being environmentally friendly’. My blog is actually more about saving money while being as environmentally friendly as we can be. I love the environment with a strong desire to protect it. I believe we are destroying our planet more than saving it. Many people don’t realise that every little thing could turn into something HUGE. Because that’s exactly how it all began. Someone threw a small cigarette butt on the floor, thinking it wouldn’t do much damage. Now, it has become the most littered item on Earth! So, image how big the impact would be if we start using reusable items? Huge right? Now don’t imagine, don’t wait, start acting NOW!

One of the most common topics I write about as an environmentally friendly blogger is gardening. Growing your own vegetables gives you a sense of fulfilment as you watch them grow day after day until they are ready to be eaten. Gardening can take time but if you plant various vegetables in every season like my mum does you end up saving a lot on grocery because you’re constantly bringing home vegetables that you grew!

Another great thing about growing your own vegetable is the high cropping levels. Once you’re getting the hang of it, it seems impossible to eat them all yourself! You’ll soon find yourself replacing some of your ‘meat portions’ with more vegetables which is definitely great for the environment. Here’s a tip, if you have too many vegetables, feed them to your chickens, compost them or give them to other people. Less waste!

Other tips include the replacement of your mode of transport, from driving a car to cycling or walking. You’re not only saving money from fuel but you are also reducing pollution. I also strongly encourage people to have fun while doing something that won’t create more damage to the environment such as stargazing, swimming and exercising.

After just one month of blogging and gaining some interesting comments on this environmentally friendly aspect of my blog, it is clear that posts on being environmentally-friendly will be a big feature of my blog moving forwards. I love the environment and what it brings to my life. Interestingly the logo I chose was a plant so that environmental awareness was clearly there from the start of my blogging journey.”

Are you an environmentally friendly blogger? You might be interested in Lauren’s blog about saving the planet.


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