Top Tips for Shopping on Buy Now Pay Later sites

The great thing about sites like ASOS, Very and Littlewoods is that you can generally buy the product now and pay for it back over a period of time. This is on a variety of different products, from the latest gadgets, to the top of the range clothing, and toys for your children for Christmas. The opportunities are endless! We have compiled our top shopping tips for buy now pay later sites, to help you have an enhanced shopping experience.

It’s not free, even though it feels like it is

This is the first, and probably the main tip we are going to give you. It’s incredibly important to remember that at some point you will have to pay for the products, they are not free, even though when you buy them and you don’t see the immediate payment go out, it feels like it is. This is one of the biggest hazards of paying for things on Klarna through ASOS, or selecting the Buy Now Pay Later option on Very.

So, don’t get caught out! Make sure you are spending within your financial means, and if you don’t feel like you can afford it in the future, then maybe wait until you feel like you can. If you are having trouble financially, you can always contact their customer services teams who will be able to help you.

Shopping On Buy Now Pay Later

Know what it is you are looking for

Before you head to the site, know exactly what it is you are looking for and before you go all out and make your purchase, check around for different prices.

There’s no worse shopping feeling than spending a load of money on something, to then find out it was far cheaper on a different website. It’s also important to know the specifics of the product you are looking for otherwise you can spend hours trying to find it. If you are buying a PlayStation 4, for example, what memory space do you need? What colour? These are all questions to consider before heading into it.

Set a budget

It’s important to stay within your financial means, and you need to know exactly what your budget is before you set off into the shopping stratosphere.

Not everyone can afford a brand new 50 inch television from Littlewoods, or a £100 pair of Nike trainers. Knowing what you can afford sets expectations from the offset. More often than not you can sort by price as well on these sites, so you will be able to see all the different options that land in your budget field.

Shopping On Buy Now Pay Later

These are just some of our top tips when it comes to online shopping. Just remember to be careful and spend within your means, there’s nothing worse than a year down the line been charged a massive amount of interest and regretting your purchase. Happy shopping!


Top Tips For Shopping on Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping Sites

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