“In 2021, I started my own business creating themed signs for the home. I produced my own website and got on with developing my social media presence. However, even though I am very creative, what let me down is my own command of the English language, being someone who does suffer from this due to being dyslexic.

I turned to Kate, she was amazing, what a wordsmith!!  She helped me to structure my content on my website, suggesting alternative ways of describing my products and re-wording my business description. The way Kate did this was not pushy or made me feel stupid, it was very sensitive and constructive.

Kate, also turned her hand to my Social media content, she has a lot of experience in this field after working with some big names, I have been given a lot of insight and plenty of suggestions to help my business grow in the future.

I am extremely happy with Kate’s involvement and would definitely work with her again, I have no hesitation in recommending her to others who feel their content just might need a refresh.”

Simon from Light Asylum

“I am so pleased that we hired Kate as a copywriter on an important piece of client business.

Fiona Hughes
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