Out with the old and in with the new: reinvent your bedroom

As we’ve all spent more time indoors, those same old four walls of your bedroom may be looking a bit tiresome, and not in a good way that promotes sleep! If that’s the case for you then it’s time to think about how you can make you bedroom a sanctuary of relaxation.

From changing up your bed with designer bed linen and a luxury mattress, to creating focal points with colour, here are some of the ways you can transform your bedroom into a newer, better and more peaceful haven.

Consider the colour palette

The right colour can take your bedroom to the next level, as well as having a huge impact on how you feel. As a space to relax and sleep, the colours you choose on the walls, furnishings and accessories should evoke a sense of calm.

Shades of blue have been scientifically proven to relax us, by decreasing our heart rate, blood pressure and rate of breathing when used in a room. This makes it the ideal colour for a bedroom as can help induce sleep. It is also a colour reminiscent of nature — think about blue skies and calm seas as the settings that we find the calmest.

Once you have the base blue colour for your room, you can either build upon a monochrome, complementary or neutral palette:

  • Monochrome — this consists of using several colours of similar shades
  • Complementary — this includes an opposing colour from the colour wheel. For blue, its complementary colour would be orange.
  • Neutral — this is where you have soft shades, like grey and cream, as other elements in the room to enable your base colour to stand out.

Your colour scheme doesn’t have to just be the paint on the walls, as a simple way to reinvent your bedroom is through upgrading your bed linen or adding throws, pillows and rugs in your chosen colours.

Make the bed super cosy

The bed is understandably the focal point of the room, and should be both pleasing to the eye and the perfect place to sleep in. Investing in a completely new bed can be expensive when redecorating, but there are other ways you can improve its style and aesthetic.

Adding a mattress topper is an effective and simple way to make your bed more comfortable, without breaking the bank. You can choose from memory foam, feathers or egg crate foam to suit the amount of support and softness that you find best.

Other than sleeping, your bed may be used for sitting and relaxing, especially on those lazy Sunday mornings. Your headboard therefore is something else to consider when revamping your room, and should be padded or made with a soft material, to ensure its comfortable to rest your back upon. This doesn’t have to be a case of buying an expensive headboard, as you can easily re-upholster your existing one or create a new one with a wooden board, some foam padding, your favourite fabric and a staple gun.

Entice the senses

A room isn’t all about the looks, as other senses should be triggered by the elements in your bedroom to make it a calm and peaceful space. The bed plays an important part in what you can touch in the room. Wrap it in plenty of tactile blankets, throws and cushions to ooze luxury, comfort and warmth. Your chosen bed linen could also add to the cosiness with a high thread count, or soft cotton and linen fabrics.

The scent of your bedroom can also influence the way in which you unwind in the space. Add scented candles or fresh flowers to the space, to evoke a sense of relaxation. Lavender and chamomile work particular well to curate a peaceful atmosphere.

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