How important are signs to businesses?

Signs are important to business. If I ask you to think back to your childhood high street, I bet certain shop signs will spring to mind immediately. Some of that will be based on the fact that you shopped there but also the very look of your high street is probably in your mind as soon as I pose the question. For me Woolworths is the stand out with bright red signage. How interesting  that a more modern store like Virgin uses similar colours.

Purpose of signs

Signs are there to communicate a message and as with all marketing you need to ensure that your business signs reflect the real offering of your business. Only you can decide if you should go with a traditional look or something more modern. How will you choose your colours and shapes? How will you tie in your signage with your marketing both on and offline? At first, no one will know that your business exists or what exactly it is that you want to offer to the community, that’s why stating your intentions clearly with effective marketing techniques can go a long way. Something that has shown a lot of difference for businesses is placing neon signs in shop windows since they help attract customers and make them have curiosity as to what services you offer and how they can benefit from having your shop close to their home. Having a glowing sign that represents your logo can help make both your shop and its surrounding premises more attractive, during the night especially you will be catching the attention of everyone passing by.

History of signs

Signage for shops is nothing new as it appears to have developed in ancient times in both the East and the West. As I say I remember signs from childhood really clearly. I remember an American diner opening in my Northern market town and the signage actually played a huge part in why myself and my friend enjoyed eating there. I have always enjoyed  the traditional pub signs too and actually weirdly quite resent modern versions. I recently found out that English Law made it illegal to trade as a pub without a sign. I love antiques and adore the signage of yesteryear that you can find at car boot sales and flea markets often in vibrant colours too. I think it is fair to say that some signs can truly be described as works of art.

Long live the High Street

I genuinely hope we never lose our high streets. I think they bring people to a centre where they community spirit can be generated in a way that is not quite the same online. I wonder what shop signs our children will remember when they are adults.

What signs do you enjoy the look of most?









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  • mummyhereandthere

    I think signs are very important and tell the person necessary information that will effect them directly at that moment X #mmbc

  • chickenruby

    that’s interesting to know that pubs must have signs to sell alcohol, there are some pretty amazing ones there throughout the world. I don’t have a favourite sign, but I do know when I travel around the world how easy it is to find places because i recognise the sign and not the writing. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo

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