Why Bed Reading Is Important

The book should enter the child’s life in the first years of his/her life. If a child gets acquainted with a book before school, during school years they will not have to be forced to read. The book becomes an intermediary between two generations. Modern parents devote too little time to their children. Reading to children at night will be a great family tradition. In a relaxed, informal setting, you can get to know each other much better. Even a weekend spent together will not be able to bring together as much as 40 minutes of communication before going to bed. It is likely that the child will want to spend Saturday and Sunday with friends, in the company of peers.

Nice and useful when reading books to children

Reading before going to bed is much more effective in terms of the assimilation of information. At night, the human body relaxes. In the state between sleep and wakefulness, the brain is able to accept and assimilate any information without the slightest effort on its part. In the morning, a person can easily reproduce the material obtained shortly before falling asleep.

Reading books at 2-7 years old

Reading for children from 2 to 7 years old by 2-3 years old, the child already has enough vocabulary to understand simple texts. By this age, he/she already has an understanding of such categories as good and evil, justice and injustice, and therefore knows how to distinguish between positive and negative characters.

Children should start learning about literature from fairy tales. The plot should be simple and unambiguous, that is, you need a clear division into positive and negative characters. Lauren Grabois Fischer is the founder and author of The Be Books that are gaining its popularity due to vivid and instructive plot.

Reading books at 7-10 years old

In connection with the preparation of the child for school, the amount of knowledge about the world increases significantly. The plot of fairy tales should become more complicated. The main characters may be less unambiguous. Children should learn to make independent conclusions about whether the character in front of them is positive or negative. To understand this, the child should analyze the actions and behavior of a particular character. 

By the age of seven, fairy tales can begin to alternate with stories. In the wizarding world, it’s easy enough to tell an evil fairy from a good one. In reality, it is not always easy to find out good and evil. Read the story to your child and ask them to determine for themselves which of the characters did the right thing and which did not. To increase interest in reading, you can use works based on the plot of which films or cartoons were made. The child will be delighted to see a well-known character come to life on the screen. To surprise your children, you need to choose a book/movie (cartoon) pair in advance. Also, use an opportunity to buy books online due to the world’s situation. The opposite is also possible: first, invite the child to watch a movie, and then read the work on which it was made. This way, children will be able to learn a lot more about the life of their favorite heroes.


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