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Keeping It Cool: The 4-Step Process to Selecting the Best Wine Cooler for Your Needs

There are a countless number of great wines to consume. The best wine coolers on the market prioritize top-end features at a consumer-level price. Your wine collection isn’t complete until you have a modern cooler with multiple settings. Even for non-enthusiasts, a wine cooler is much more than a convenience appliance.

1. Size

Do you expect that your wine collection will grow larger in the future? If so, then it is a good idea to get a wine cooler that is large enough to meet your demand. Going bigger is always a good idea, even if you don’t properly utilize the space.

When you finally decide on the size of the wine cooler, space becomes the next concern. Do you have the space to fit a wine cooler in your home? And if it fits, does the cord comfortably reach the outlet? Consumers get creative when it comes time to find a perfect spot for their wine cooler. If it is accessible and doesn’t block anything, there is no wrong answer for wine cooler placement.

2. Zones

Dual and multiple zone coolers respect the temperature rules of specific wine types. Dual-zone is pretty standard, but you shouldn’t ignore the benefits of going all out with a multiple zone model. Advances in technology make multiple zone wine coolers available as built-in and freestanding options. They are bigger than normal coolers but worthy of investment for growing collections.

Single zone wine coolers are not considered a bad purchase if you get a good model. Pay attention to your model, as there are quite a few single-zone coolers that are nothing more than advanced mini-fridges. If a brand doesn’t specifically state that the product is a wine cooler, then avoid it at all costs.

3. What Type of Wine Do You Favor?

Now that you have the first two things down, take an honest look at your wine drinking habits. Do you favor red more than white? Are your purchases consistent enough that you stick to one brand? The answers to these questions will prevent you from buying a wine cooler that is too big for your needs. With wine coolers, getting features that you don’t need will only lead to wasted space. The last thing you want is to neglect an entire side of a multizone wine cooler.

4. Price

This is the part that grinds the gears of most new wine enthusiasts. It isn’t expensive to purchase a good wine cooler. But it is incredibly easy to overspend for a wine cooler and underspend for good wine. Buying a wine cooler is an investment, but it should never come at the cost of the actual product. You should never have to put cheap wine in an expensive wine cooler. Find a balance that lets you enjoy the advanced features of the appliance without eating into your wine buying budget.

Wrap Up

Advanced planning is required to make the first sip of wine as magical as the last. Prioritize the cooler model that benefits the type of wine you drink the most. Once you find the right one, you’ll never want to go back.

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