Fashion choices for a 17 year old

Lockdown and pandemic restrictions have made us all miss those fun shopping trips. My intention was to spend my daughter’s 16th birthday with her in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. Sadly, we didn’t see what was coming or how adversely our family would be affected by the pandemic. The days we were supposed to be in Paris were actually spent separated in two different countries. She spent her 17th birthday without her father in her life following his decision to remain in France with the rest of us returning to the United Kingdom. I recently had the opportunity to take her on a simple shopping trip and it was a delight.

Monsoon and family memories

Our first stop was Monsoon with so many lovely styles and vibrant colours. Monsoon reminds me of my brother has he worked for them for so many years from the Eighties until more recent times. He was highly involved in their merchandising as he had a real eye for colour and design. We visited Accessorize in the same store and we discovered for the first time that Monsoon offer ear piercing. My daughter is keen to wear earrings so we will return soon for that special milestone. In the meantime, I am looking for the best earrings for kids and am even tempted to have my ears pierced again too.


We were lucky enough to find that Gap had a good sale on when we visited. My daughter bought cream shorts for the summer days ahead. She wanted dungarees and I told her how my mum never let me have any when I was her age. She struggled to decide whether she wanted long-length or short-length dungarees. She settled on the shorter version and they suit her amazingly well. I felt quite envious so am checking out stylish overalls this afternoon.


Despite the fact that we had visited a local bakery with my daughter eating a chocolate brownie and me having a brie sandwich, Willow decided her life would not be complete without a visit to Starbucks. The customer care in there was rubbish but my daughter reminded me it was a very hot day and the staff probably weren’t on the biggest wages in the world. We sat on a balcony and it was wonderful to have quality time with her after our most challenging year to date.

Yet more treats

We went to a gaming store and I indulged my daughter buying her an expensive game. It was one she intends to play with her brother so I persuaded myself it was worth the outlay. I persuaded her to go in The Works and we were really pleased we did as they had super-affordable art sets for a tenner. I browsed the Marks and Spencer outlet and Romans Originals in memory of my late mum and treated myself to some trousers. I returned home and found myself looking on other fashion sites like La Piazza and more.

How do you spend quality time with your teens?

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  • Kim Carberry

    I have been out today with my youngest teen. We went to Primark, The Works and a few independent shops. We had a stop and sit down in Costa for a drink and some cake. It was nice. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your daughter on your shopping trip x

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