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Which Birth Control is Best?

For women who don’t want to have babies, knowing he perfect birth control to use is necessary to ensure that goes smoothly to plan. Ut it is often said as though it is entirely down to the woman. In fact, it is all about both of you in your relationship, and what you both think you should be doing to reduce your chances of having a child. There are many reasons you might not want to have a child – overpopulation, careerism – and the days are long gone when you would be shamed for such a decision. Now, the important thing is how to ensure that you get it right. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best birth control options available to you and your partner, and which you might want to go for yourself.


Birth Control


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The Pill


Many people see the invention of the pill in the 60’s as a defining moment in female emancipation. The pill gives us more than the ability to control the likelihood of birth. It also means the ability to control periods a little more accurately, and for many it is also a symbol of sexual freedom. Whatever you opinion, you have to admit that it is one of the most powerful contraceptive options – and not for no reason at all. In fact, it remains one of the most trusted contraceptives in the world, and for many women it is still the go-to when they are looking for a permanent solution – rather than, say, condoms.


But the pill is not for everyone. It is full of hormones, and you will find that – depending on the brand – it is likely to have certain effects on your body which you might not like. You might also be surprised by just how much it can affect your mood – something which a lot of women are not prepared for, and as such it can come as a huge surprise. If you are going to take the pill, look at the packaging to see the side effects of that specific brand, because they all differ slightly. You might be beginning a process of going back and forth from one pill to another for years and years, trying out and trading off different side effects. Be sure that you are genuinely ready for the one that you are going to take, and make sure that your doctor agrees it is the right choice as well.


As long as you can manage to find a pill you are happy with, it might well be the perfect contraceptive for you. The main failings of the pill are that it can be easy to forget to take it, and missing even one reduces the effectiveness greatly – and that some of the rarer side effects can actually be pretty extreme. But for the majority of women, this is still the go-to option for a reason. These days, you can order your contraceptive pill online and make it even easier to have it on time, so there is no excuse not to take it every day once you do start taking it.

Birth Control


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The Coil


The coil provides a more permanent – if a little more frightening – solution than the pill, and in fact it also happens to be the single most effective contraception that there is on planet earth. It is a small T-shaped device which releases copper, which in turn kills sperm, and more and more women are turning to the coil as their main form of contraception.


The main advantage of this method is its permanence; once it has been installed, you don’t need to do anything, it will just protect you for up to five years, over 99.99% of the time in over a hundred thousand cases. This reliance is what causes many medical professionals to say that it is the single best contraception out there. But the question is: is it the right one for you?


One major disadvantage is just how invasive it can feel to have the coil inserted. You will need to have it inserted by a doctor, and many women complain of pain during this procedure. After insertion, you might also have to worry about cramps, nausea and even blood for a time, and your periods might feel more painful or seem a little heavier for about six months. All that being said, it remains popular for the very good reason that it is the most effective contraception there is. If you are really concerned with not getting pregnant, it might be the best option, as there is no pill to take – or to forget to take.

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The App


You might have heard in the news recently about an app which has been said to be one of the most effective contraceptives going. Natural Cycles is an app for your phone which has been certified by a number of global medicine industries to be an effective contraception, and more and more women are trying it out as we speak. So how does this work, and how can you possibly avoid getting pregnant using an app?

Basically, it uses your temperature to tell you whether or not you are currently in your fertile phase – and based on that information, you can then know whether or not it is safe to have sex. This might sound over-simplistic, but the fact is that hundreds of thousands of women around the world are using it, and it has been proven to work very reliably in many cases. Basically, it is an app which helps you with the process of natural planning. An obvious disadvantage of this is that it does not mean you can have sex at any time, whereas other contraceptives will allow you to do just that. It is also likely that many users will fail to record their temperature properly, or forget to do it for days in a row, and this will make it less reliable. You need to make sure you are genuinely ready to use it otherwise it might not work at all. But as long as you use it properly, it could be a non-invasive contraception which really works.

Which Birth  Control Is Best?

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  • Michelle

    I use the pill. It has worked for me for the past 20 years. I’m one of the lucky ones whose mood didn’t get terribly affected by it and it helps ensure me when I get my period. I also use an app for that but not the one you mentioned. I’ve never heard of that until I read your post. That’s very interesting. I might look into it:) #anythinggoes

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