5 Changes to consider making in your life

Many of us have done some very deep thinking during lockdowns about the way our lives are going. It is so easy when we are in ordinary times to get stuck in a rut and to accept aspects of our lives that perhaps we shouldn’t. I am currently rebuilding my life after a sad relationship breakdown and a relocation. Therapy has helped me see that although this is very challenging it is ultimately possible. We can all shake things up a bit and here are 5 changes to consider making in your life.


How happy are you in your current home? Why do you stay there? Do you have a dream of living in a different type of house or in a completely new location. I have always rented but in time as I get myself sorted I am hoping to look at the best mortgage broker near me with a view to getting on the housing ladder.

Quality time with the kids

My husband is overseas and when I speak to him it seems that is where he intends to stay. This means when it comes to quality time for the children, I am the one who is willing and able to provide it. I find this more challenging now they are teenagers with a love of video games. Whether it is a visit to the local ice cream parlour or surf lessons. I am determined to build special memories with them as the single parent I never wanted to be.


I tend to work hard and not relax easily. I have learned the only way to stay physically and mentally well is to ease up on myself a bit. This might involve taking a nap, listening to SNT JMS  or taking a long walk. I should meditate and read more too. I find listening to Emma Kenny’s Live Clinic is a indulgence that always makes me feel better.


I always wanted to travel overseas a lot. This didn’t really interest my husband so we didn’t do it. I feel there are over 20 years of holidays I could have and should have taken. Of course, just when I have the liberty to do so the world is full of travel restrictions due to the global pandemic. These are easing and it is fun to do my research and decide where I will head to first.


I have tried to budget better in the last year and have had some support on this front from my family too. The children are old enough to be OK when I say I can’t afford something. My brother has backed me up in numerous financial ways too. My credit score is improved and it feels good to be in charge of my own financial destiny. With so much online information and charities that offer free advice on money management, there isn’t really a reason to not get your finances sorted whatever your circumstances.

What changes are your considering making to your life?


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