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Ideas For A Brilliant Day Out With Your Bestie

They’re a shining star in the blackest of nights. A solid rock when it feels like the sands of life are shifting beneath your feet. They’ve been with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen boyfriends (and maybe even husbands) come and go. They are always there for you come day or night, high or low to offer help, advice, comfort and support without judgement. They have our back when we’re right and they are quick to set us right without deflating our ego when we’re wrong. Our love for our best friends is unique in the world. As the world tries to pigeon hole us into the role of wife, or mother, our best friends see through these labels to who we really are. Although life has a habit of getting in the way and the pressures of work, family and fitness have a habit of impinging on our social lives more than we might like, even if you only get to see your bestie once or twice a year it’s vital that you make opportunities for quality time with your best friend. As the years melt into one another, and life places more and more demands on your time the quality of your time spent together becomes vastly more important than the quantity. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for a brilliant day out with those pals.


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Scentsational idea for a brilliant day out

Everyone has a handful of perfumes that they identify with and may well pick certain scents for certain occasions. A little bit of this for a day out at the park, a little bit of this for date night. But few people have a scent that truly encapsulates their personality. Spend a day on a perfume making experience, however, and you can do exactly that! You and your bestest friend can either create a scent that encapsulates your friendship or you can create your own individual fragrances. You’ll top the occasion off with afternoon tea together and be able to keep a bottle of your new scent as a memento.

Escape from a locked room together

There’s no better way for besties to bond than by getting locked away in a secret room by a serial killer. Or getting trapped in a museum after a heist gone wrong, or helping to find a missing secret agent. Okay, so these outlandish contexts may be fictional but breaking out of an Escape Room is a whole lot of fun for friends who crave a bit of adventure. You’ve likely seen one of these fun activity centres pop up somewhere near you. In order to escape the room you have to work together to solve a series of clues. It’s a real blast and a great test of how well you and your bestie complement each other’s skills.

Drink with class on a brewery tour

Any fool can take their bestie down to the pub, but a true friend takes their beloved best mate for a stroll around a brewery for an inside look at the science and art behind making their favourite tipple. You’ll learn a lot about the making of beers, wines and liquers as well as enjoying a tasting session. Because you’re worth it!

Do you have ideas for a brilliant day out with mates?

4 Ideas For A Brilliant Day Out With Your Bestie

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