Just A Woman

Just a woman or mum? You are far more than that!

Just a woman or just a mum is something we hear too much of and perhaps especially in our own limiting self-talk.
How easy it is to write ourselves off aided by media images of perfection. Let’s resolve right now to stop this self-sabotage.


Just A Woman


Just a woman

If you see me you will see an overweight woman with tension in the face that actually is more likely to be me trying to hide my quadruple chin. There are bingo wing too and I don’t wear make-up.

Top secret – there is an old version of this post where I said I was not pretty. I have moved on from that thinking – we are all beautiful in our individual ways.

In that old post, I stated that I was proud that I was changing and you know what, I still am all these years on. Back then I was pleased to have lost weight, to have dyed my hair and to have bought some new clothes. I was worrying that I had forgotten how to dress up for a night out.

I had gone to the musical “We Will Rock You” on my first night out in years. I declared that there was a rock chick waiting to emerge from my particular chrysalis.

Be proud of the woman you are

The things I was proud of back then remain the same to an extent as I was an am an individual who has overcome:

Being rejected as a baby
Bullying in the playground at work
Relationship breakdown and infidelity
Experiencing post-natal depression

I was and am proud that I am an individual who commits to parenting whilst finding so much of it so very challenging.
I declared that I was a bohemian who lost her way a bit but at least has the guts to try and do something about it.

I posted a tiny photograph of myself fearing judgment but readers were supportive and with that back up I moved on to greater things because a bit of peer support is all you really need to change things quite radically.

Just A Woman

Become just a woman who is moving on positively

I don’t actually recognize the woman I was then. Life moves on and we should too. Since that post was written I have:

Learned to manage grief
Taking on various freelance projects
Parented teens

I am not a tiny woman or a small character.

If I am just a woman I am prouder than I was in the original post and you should be too.

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And hell yes I am just a woman and so very proud!

P.S. I reserve the right to have the odd wobbly day – we all do if we are completely honest!

Now please leave a comment and tell me why you are more than just a woman.

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