5 Quirky wedding ideas

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I think too many weddings are so similar. I refer to it as “Weddings by numbers” and it makes me sad. The love between each couple is unique and I would like weddings to reflect that. I know it is not really my affair but going to weddings where the experience is exactly the same every time feels odd. So in this post I am sharing 5 quirky wedding ideas to inspire those who fancy making their big day that bit different.


You used to have the limited choice of a church or a registry office. Nowadays, the world is your oyster. Weddings in barns and castles are becoming the norm. How about holding part of your day in the nightclub where you first met? What really matters to you and your partner? How could that be reflected by the venue you choose to get married in? Find out who is responsible for cleaning up after your day and if it is you, look into companies like Deval Janitorial to reduce all that stress.


I went very minimalist when it came to the decorations at my wedding. I wouldn’t even have flowers on the table for the reception as I wanted to be able to see my guests clearly. I hadn’t even heard of options like flower wall rental from Flower Girl Toronto or considered making my own decorations to save money. One thing I would definitely check out should I plan a wedding for someone again is Designer Chandeliers to add that luxury feel.


I don’t like weddings where children are not welcome guests. I made sure the youngsters at my wedding were entertained with party bags and bubbles. If I was planning a wedding again, I might pay for a clown or a children’s entertainer. Weddings can be long and boring for children and often the very things that entertain young people are enjoyed by older guests too.


Do you really want the traditional sit-down meal or something a little more relaxed. I really wanted to have a picnic with everyone sitting in a countryside setting with their hampers of yummy treats. I compromised and had the sit-down meal but have always regretted that a little. You don’t need to have the traditional fruit cake. If my son was getting married, he would probably want a red velvet cake as that is his favourite.


How many brides feel really comfortable in a traditional long wedding dress that ends up getting dirty as the day goes on? Have you considered a shorter option? Do you want a wedding dress at all or would you prefer a tea dress? If you have always fancied a certain fashion choice but never done it, here’s your change to go wild. I could fancy myself in a Goth inspired outfit.

Whatever you decide, I urge you to make this a celebration of the couple you are and your unique love for each other. Let’s avoid weddings by numbers!


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