Learning About Art

Learning about art on our home education journey

Learning about art at school consisted of me coming up with ideas that I could never quite carry off and admiring the other student’s artwork particularly those of squashed cola cans.

I knew I liked Renoir having seen one of his paintings on a greetings card. I knew my Mum favoured Lowry. Funnily enough, I don’t know what sort of art Dad liked although he did paint some beautiful landscapes.

I wonder what makes one person favour one artist over another.

I want my children to have a wider knowledge of art than I do and to learn with them. With this in mind, we are studying a piece of art each day as part of our home education journey.

Yesterday we started with Katshushika Hokusai from Japan. We took a look at The Great Wave. It is interesting how we noticed different aspects of the print. I could not see the 3 boats until my son pointed them out to me. I could see Mount Fuji clearly but my children did not immediately. When I asked what the print made them think of, my son said it was like Southsea. What a coincidence that we had watched a video of the mighty waves of our local area that same day.

Anything a bit off centre will always appeal to children I find. Apparently Hokusai once chased a chicken with red ink on its feet to make maple leaves!

I am not sure I like the print but then again part of this journey is to expand our horizons so it might grow on me.

Today we considered A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. My daughter was immediately convinced it was a painting of Victorian times and the dates fitted perfectly for that. The location is Paris with lots of people relaxing by the River Seine.

We had a fun “Where’s Wally?” like exercise picking out various animals even including a monkey on a lead! Another coincidence as both myself and my daughter at monkeys when it comes to the Chinese New Year.

Apparently Seurat used a technique of dots, dabs and dashes so the painting took two years to paint.

How much do you know about art?

What questions would be good to reflect on as we continue learning about art?

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  • sarah

    tbh I’ve never really understood art, don’t get me wrong I’ve always admired those that can draw and paint and slightly envied them at times. I would love to be able to teach my kids about art thou and just because I’m not creative doesn’t mean they wont be.. who knows with the right push.

    Your post has really given me the motivation to try and expand there horizons that little bit more.
    Great post hun thanks,

  • Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    My knowledge of art is really quite limited, though it’s something I’ve become a lot more interested in recently. I love that I can learn alongside my daughter as she gets older – it’s nice to be able to teach something, but it’s great to be able to learn too! x #KCACOLS

  • Maria

    I’ve never really thought about showing art to my boys as I always thought they wouldn’t be interested but actually it would be really interesting to see their take on things.

    Both my husband and I are designers and studied art at school. Unlike me he was/is much better at it then I ever was. He favoured Turner and Picasso whereas I liked Monet and Renoir!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS. I hope to see you back in Saturday 27 when the linky open last again

  • Michelle Murray

    I honestly wish I knew more about Art. I like Art and when we have travelled to various cities I have always been interested in looking at pieces in Museums etc. Thanks for linking up to #PlaydaysandRunways

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