Top Baking Tips For Home Baking

Baking is a new hobby that everyone wants to pick. Like all cooks will tell you that cooking is therapy, so will the bakers. There is a science to it, and there are some aspects that need to be in an exact proportion to get the perfectly baked fluffy, soft, moist cake or cookies. There is no room for measuring it ”by the eye” in baking.

The process of creating something out of ordinary ingredients in your home kitchen is so fluffing and wholesome. Research shows baking also has a positive effect on your mental health.

All novice bakers feel the need to have a ready reckoner for baking their favorite treats. No one likes to eat an under-baked or over-baked cake. Also, be in a situation where there is no room to salvage a badly-made cookie or muffin.

Here are some tips and tricks to save all your baked goodies

  1. Make sure all the ingredients are at the right temperature. If the recipe says that the ingredients have to be at room temperature, cold, chilled, or warm, make sure they are.
  2. Always dust your working surface, tools, and knife with flour when the ingredients are a bit sticky. It will help you work with them better.
  3. When the recipe says, let the dough rest, please let it rest for the required time.
  4. Always keep the measuring spoons and bowls handy for both dry and wet ingredients. Also, keep a check on the expiration date of products.
  5. When you want to measure and pour sticky ingredients like honey or chocolate, spray the spoons with some cooking oil as it becomes easier to pour.
  6. Use unsalted butter in all your baking recipes unless mentioned to use the salted one.
  7. Baking requires pre-preparation and getting everything ready beforehand. If you fail to do that, it will ruin the end product.
  8. Make your cookies look uniform, scoop the dough with an ice-cream scooper to get the same sized ones.
  9. Some essential baking tools are required and not the best machinery or high-end gadgets. Baking can be done with simple gadgets and tools.
  10. Cooling racks are essential and must be part of your bakery tools. They allow proper airflow and even cooling for cakes.
  11. Cookies should not be too chewy, and the best way to get that texture is by taking them out of the oven a little earlier.
  12. Use wax paper to create the decorative item for the cake. It is easier than directly applying them to the cake.
  13. New bakers make the mistake of over mixing the batter, especially for breakfast items like muffins, biscuits, and pancakes. Do not make this mistake.
  14. An easy trick to have freshly baked goodies faster is by doubling the recipe and storing a part of it for later use.
  15. Make a basic cookie dough mixture, use baking sweetener instead of sugar and add different ingredients to make different kinds of cookies.
  16. The best tip for all bakers is to know the all-important baking ingredient swaps that can help when the baker is in a fix.


Baking is a perfect blend of art and science, and the joys of baking are way too many. If you are delaying your plans to start baking at home, well this is the time to do so. These tips and tricks will help novice bakers to take their art a notch up. The house smells wonderful when cookies or muffins are being baked in an oven.

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  • rawsonjl

    My middle son has been studying culinary arts in his high school courses and he’s taught me a lot about baking and cooking. These are great tips!

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