Give Your Garden The Wow Factor
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Giving Your Garden The Wow Factor

Your garden can be a special part of your home. From giving you somewhere to relax and enjoy the outdoors to having a relaxing hobby while taking care of it, your garden can bring you a lot of joy and happiness. But how do you take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary? Perk your garden up for the summer with these ideas on giving your garden the wow factor.

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Build a pergola as a way of giving your garden the wow factor

A pergola is this year’s must-have garden accessory. The perfect piece to add interest to your garden, it can help to make a great seating area, as well as some shade from the sun. There are lots of different styles of pergola you can choose from, including wooden and canvas pergolas that can suit your individual taste. Building your own is simple if you’ve got several pairs of hands available, so take a look at some free pergola plans and start building your stand-out garden piece.

Add a firepit

Want to be able to enjoy your garden after the sun has gone down? Get a firepit! Firepits are attractive and functional, and can also double up as a barbeque if you get one with a grill rack. Firepits make a fantastic feature, and you’ll find plenty of affordable styles available, especially once the summer sales kick in.

Design your own water feature

Water features can really make a difference to your garden, and there are all sorts of possibilities for gardens of every shape and size. To ensure yours is unique to your space, why not design your own? Get your essentials at to help you build your perfect water feature. If you’re worried about hiking up your energy prices, consider getting a solar-powered feature instead of a mains powered one. You could even get some fish to bring some life into your garden!

Bring in some cool furniture

Garden furniture can really make a statement, and there are so many cool styles out there that you’re spoiled for choice with design options. From stylish bistro sets to funky modular seating, you’ll have a lot to choose from in the shops. Garden furniture can last a long time if you look after it carefully, so be sure to keep it clean and store it away or cover it when it’s not in use. By shopping around online you could pick up some great pieces at great prices and give your garden a makeover that will make it look like a hotel abroad.

Giving your garden a makeover is a good way to help you get more out of your space, especially if you’re not going on holiday this year. Landscaping your garden can be a fun project to do over the coming weeks, and gives you a good excuse to get outdoors. Invest in a few pieces that will give it the wow factor and you can look forward to a summer of sunny days in the comfort of your own home.

Giving Your Garden The Wow Factor

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  • My Anxious Life

    Good tips! We’ve done loads of work on our garden since we moved in 5 years ago. Pulled up (what felt like thousands of) concrete slabs and replaced with turf, clad the pond with wood, built some raised bedding areas and encouraged wild flowers. The difference these kinds of things make is immeasurable! #GlobalBlogging

  • Jayne SMABL

    Great tips Kate! I’ve been contemplating installing a water feature. Will probably get it done next year now.
    I spent most of the afternoon in the garden and I can already see signs of autumn creeping in. x #MMBC

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