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Best Storage Ideas For Your House

Storage is always a challenge for homeowners. It doesn’t seem to matter the size or layout of their home— it’s always a point of contention.

The best way to organize your home is to break your rooms down into more manageable projects. Here are some of the best storage ideas for your house to get you started.

Create Kitchen Zones

Kitchens tend to be an area where clutter collects, and chaos reigns supreme. By breaking your kitchen down into zones, you can optimize your storage more effectively. When hiding things behind the cabinets shaker style doors keep appliances and supplies grouped together by their functionality. 

For example, you might store your bread maker with the mixing bowls and measuring cups. Conversely, the toaster might be tucked away with wooden cutting boards and the knife block. Creating zones makes it easier to store things in a way that lets you take them out and put them back without disrupting the flow of the kitchen.

Invest in Drawer Dividers

Drawers have a way of falling into disarray. Installing drawer dividers can keep things tidy and ensure you have enough storage space by optimizing the layout. This technique works in the kitchen, bathroom, and workshop.

If you have a junk drawer, take some time to declutter and see what you really need. Then, use drawer dividers to put everything in its place.

Hide Stored Items on Bookshelves

Bookshelves aren’t just for books. They’re a great platform for displaying artwork and interior design elements. Additionally, they can be used to hide stored items in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Invest in some nice baskets to store away toys, electronics, spare throw blankets, movies, and even board games. You can also buy or repurpose small storage boxes to hide phone chargers and cables or old photographs in plain sight. These clever storage options help keep your home organized while looking great.

Use the Space Between Studs

Your home has a lot more room than you think. The space between wall studs is perfect for extra storage and built-in shelving. In the kitchen, you can use this storage trick to make a built-in pantry for spices and canned goods. In the bathroom, this is perfect for storing toiletries. Add a panel door to keep this area hidden.

The same principle applies to floorboards. Adding a hinged panel is perfect for storing seasonal clothing or extra footwear. If you have stairs, you can even install drawers under between the floor and ceiling for spare storage.

Go Vertical

When people look for storage options, they tend to forget about all the prime real estate around the ceiling. Install a shelf over the door frame in the kitchen for mixing bowls and small appliances. You can add a shelf over the door in your home office to store spare supplies.

When considering shelving options, consider going narrow and upward. You can take this approach with a corkboard or pegboards as well. These are especially effective for hanging mugs and utensils in the kitchen as well as tools in the garage.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

In many houses, the space under the stairs is wasted. It often houses water heaters or other mysterious gadgets that keep the house functioning. 

Use this space to install extra shelving or tote bins to keep things tucked away. These areas are also great for storing extra cans, and dry goods for later use to keep the kitchen tidy. Be sure to put lesser-used items toward the back of the space and create a clear pathway through your stuff.

With these storage tips and tricks, you can keep your house looking clean and decluttered. 

If you are finding it difficult to store the items in your home without cluttering it you may want to consider putting the least used items in a room into a temporary storage container as you can always get them back in the future, maybe when you adjust the layout of the room.


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