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5 Ways Double Glazing Is Better Than Normal Panes

Houses or offices – these are the places where most of us spend a major portion of our daily lives. It is thus natural to expect that these places are comfortable and help us concentrate, either on work or on resting. Pivotal points that affect the comfort level of any place are the temperature of the environment and the noise level. No wonder why any structure built these days for human beings involve air conditioning and special materials to block out sound. While these things surely help, they also cost way more than a simpler solution that most people tend to overlook. Window Panes – so simple, yet so underestimated. Double glazing funding can help you get your window panes sorted out to get a double layer of protection from the noise and temperature differences outside.

What is double glazing? Normal window panes come with a single sheet of reinforced glass. Even though glass is a bad conductor of heat, if the room is cool enough, convection can gradually increase the temperature inside, requiring your air conditioner to work even harder, at the expense of electricity to maintain the temperature stable. With two glass sheets and a gap in between them, this thermal insulation goes a long way in protecting the temperature inside from going crazy.

Using double glazed windows come with their list of benefits. Here we’re listing out five such points that are easy to remember and to quote, the next time someone tells you normal window panes are better.

  1. As mentioned before, the sheets of glass used are placed with a small gap in between them but are sold as a single pane. This does make the window thicker. For existing windows, the borders may have to be remodelled a bit to accommodate a double glazed pane. Tinting one of the sheets in a darker colour basically cuts down on the amount of light that is entering the room, effectively allowing lesser heat transfer to the walls and floors that are exposed to sunlight at certain times of the day.
  2. During summer, while this arrangement cuts down on heat coming inside the house, during winters, any kind of   heating apparatus used indoors is also affected in a similar way. Due to the colour and thermal insulation, indoor heat stays pristine for a longer period of time. This arrangement effectively reduces your electricity consumption in hot or cold seasons drastically. Air conditioning is used less, and the house or workplace maintains a better temperature overall throughout the day.
  3. If you have any doubts, you can just stand beside a normal pane and an IGU pane on a sunny day and feel the difference in the heat felt in your skin. This, without any tinted sheets being used. The efficacy of some panes can be further increased by using slightly frosted or uneven glass sheets that can block out a direct line of sight from the outside if you don’t want to use tints.
  4. The varying thickness of glass sheets used in a single pane can also drastically reduce the amount of noise that can leak outside or can leak from outside. If you don’t want to invest in a sound-proof room for your home theatre set up, IGU panes can come in handy.
  5. Using laminated coating on one or both of the glass sheets can further reinforce them and make them very good deterrents against breaking and entering. You can enquire about these features and types from your supplier.

If these points are not convincing enough to install double glazing in your home we don’t know what will be. If you still have questions in mind do share in the comment section below.


Reasons Double Glazing Is Better Than Normal Window Panes

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