Upcycling Projects To Try At Home This Month


Renovating and rejuvenating your home can be a wonderful thing, and when you want to make changes to your home there are many projects you can take on. 

Today we are going to look specifically at upcycling and how you can make your home look amazing by simply upcycling an old piece of furniture and bringing it into the future. Here are some of the different upcycling projects you can try this year. 

Make your own pantry jars 

They always say that the best way to store pantry items is inside an airtight jar – and this is what we are going to do today. Instead of throwing away empty jars of coffee, keep them and clean them out to use for your pantry. Get yourself some blackboard paint and chalk and paint the jars before labelling them with their contents. Store items such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, and oats safely and always have them to hand when cooking and baking. 

Repurpose old plant pots 

One fun way to change up your garden this week is to get some old terracotta plant pots and give them a refreshing makeover. You can repaint terracotta plant pots easily and you can go for a pastel colour, a bright bold colour, or even play around with different designs. There are lots of ways to enjoy this DIY and the possibilities are endless with design. Take a look online for inspiration and have fun making new and exciting designs to put around your home and in the garden. 

Revitalise your kitchen cupboards 

Your kitchen cupboards are easily the most important feature of the kitchen and this is why it is important for you to revitalise them when they start to look dull and old. If you want to make a change to your kitchen cupboards you can do this in a couple of different ways. The first method is to paint the kitchen cupboards a new colour such as a duck egg blue or a deep teal. If your cupboards are plastic however, you can find decals online and simply stick these onto the cupboards and make them look fresh and new. This DIY will only take a day or two and it will leave your kitchen looking as if it had been completely renewed. 

Create a wheeled bar 

If you have an old steel storage unit, don’t consider steel recycling just yet – instead think about making some small adjustments and creating a fun wheeled bar. This can also be done with an old wooden cabinet. Grab some wheels and add these to the bottom of the cabinet, and start adding your alcohol into the cupboards. Take a rimmed tray that is the same size as the top of the cabinet and stick this on or screw it to fix it. This will become your mixing table and you can add your measures, stirrers, shaker, and other items to the top when hosting drinks for your guests. To make it even more unique – try pouring some epoxy resin on the tray to make a unique watercolour pattern! 

Make watercolour mugs 

One fun way to change up dull white mugs in your home, as well as to stop other members of the family stealing yours, is to make watercolour mugs of different colours for each member of the family. All you will need for this is a plastic tub, some room temperature water, and nail polish of your choosing. Fill your tub with water and allow it to go to room temperature. Once done, add a few drips of your favourite colour nail polish. This will spread out on the surface of the water. Now take your mug and dip it into the water, making sure to gather up all of that nail polish. Take it out and let it dry completely. You can also add a layer of clear polish to this but be gentle as it may crack the pattern. 

Wallpaper your bookshelf 

If you have one of those old cherrywood bookcases in your home that just seems to tower over the room – now is the time to think about a change. This rash upcycling DIY will refresh your bookshelf and bring it back into the 21st century, making your room look modern and stylish. Paint the whole bookcase white, aside from the back panel. If you are going to be placing your bookshelf against a feature wall – you can now wallpaper the back panel the same pattern as the wall or paint it the same colour. This is such a simple trick but it will make the bookshelf fit with any design and it will no longer look imposing on the rest of your house. 


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