Reasons Small Businesses Need A Web Presence

Reasons small businesses need a web presence

When someone decides to set up a business there is so much to think about. Firstly you need some self-belief and an idea. You then need to come up with a great product or service. You may need funding to help get your business of the ground. You may have to deal with family and friends who think your idea is crazy. One thing you do need to do quickly it to get yourself a web presence. In a digital age, you cannot afford to be invisible on the Internet. Here are the reasons small businesses need a web presence.

Credibility just one of the reasons small businesses need a web presence

It’s great that we have so much awareness around scams these days. One knock-on result for business owners is that potential customers will be checking you out via the Internet. Just having a website gives you some credibility especially if it lists your contact details clearly. When we buy as consumers we like to think the brands we are dealing with are modern and know what they are doing. This is another reason why getting a web presence should be at the top of your things to do list on setting up a business.

Shop front

The old way of showing your wares was to open a shop or office. These days we are busy so when we are looking for a specific product or service, we are likely to do a Google search. You cannot come up on Google search results without a web presence so you are drawing your blinds down on that shop front. People need to be able to find you on the Internet and see what it is that you offer.

Taking things further

So you have created your first website and are getting enquiries, Now you need to forge a relationship with your customers and potential customers. You can do this by incorporating a blog on your website. If your blog is authentic it helps build up trust with your audience. We buy from people we trust, know and like. A blog can be such a powerful tool in this regard. It goes without saying I hope that you need to be active on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share stories, share images and perhaps show who you are as an individual too depending on the product or service you offer.


A web presence tends to be a much more affordable type of advertising than printed materials. Your website is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week which again makes it very flexible to the needs of busy consumers. Updates can be done quickly which makes a website very different to a leaflet or a poster. As well as this, it needs to respond and load quickly – slow-moving websites can turn away customers faster than it can load its own home screen! Websites such as recommend Magento as a host, due to a wide range of features for building your store, while bringing with it quick loading times – something of paramount importance to your business’ website.

Sales tool

A business needs to make sales in order to succeed. Although it is understood that small businesses may initially make a loss, it is best to get into profit as soon as possible. A web presence informs the public. Done well, a website engages consumers bringing them back time and again for more. As trust becomes established, those consumers are converted into customers for your business. Ideally you can sell online cutting the need for expensive salespeople and increasing profits as a result.

My belief is that a web presence is essential in today’s marketplace. I would love to know if you agree so please do leave a comment.











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