Staying safe on dating sites for the disabled

The pandemic has really heightened feelings of loneliness and isolation for many of us. When you have a disability, it can be really daunting to put yourself out there in search of companionship, adventure or love. Disabled dating sites are attractive and can lead to great things from a hot date to wedding bells. You know that people on there will know you are disabled and may be disabled themselves. However, dating for people with disabilities is as prone as any other dating method to find users falling prey to scammers.


We hate to believe it can be true but there are some very evil people out there. Be on guard against scammers on dating sites for people with disabilities. They will see your vulnerability and use it to their advantage. A basic rule of thumb is that if someone seems too good to be true, you may well be chatting to a scammer. If the scammer thinks the potential prize is big enough, they will invest a lot of time in building up your trust and making you feel you are in the best whirlwind romance. Under no circumstances should you give money or details of your bank or credit accounts. You may find your heart strings pulled on as they say their pet is ill and they don’t have funds to treat it. Stand firm and listen when the alarm bells start ringing.

Tell tale signs of bad intent

  1. Loving words expressing strong emotions very quickly
  2. Claims to be in the military or medical professions
  3. Asking questions particularly things that might reveal your passwords
  4. Extreme good looks
  5. Poor use of the English language
  6. Moving you away from the dating site quickly

Of course, it is possible genuine people will show these tell tale signs too. Follow your gut instinct and don’t let your wish to find a special someone cloud your judgement.

What you should not put on your profile

  1. Your surname
  2. Your email address
  3. Your home address
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your employment details

If you share these with someone, you can become a victim of identity theft. Someone could also turn up and  stalk you at your home or at your place of work.  As advised before, tread carefully.

What to do if you have a bad experience

Block the individual who has hurt you. You should report suspicious or actual bad behaviour to the dating site concerned immediately. You should also make use of your trusted support network of friends and family members. They are capable of a more objective view of things than you will be. When we are looking for love, we tend to trust too easily. If you feel a crime has occurred, the police will be interested in hearing from you. If you feel embarrassed, do remember that you may be protecting  someone else from becoming a victim.

Having perhaps scared you with all the things that could go wrong, sites like have loads of example of finding love and an end to the isolation experienced by many people with disabilities. Taking a risk is OK if you put these tips in place to protect yourself.

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