Flooring Choices For Your Home
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Flooring choices for your home

It is important to consider your flooring choices when you are making your interior design decisions whether you are planning a trendy loft extension or modernising your kitchen. As a child, I remember everyone had carpet and the only thing I really noticed was how vibrant patterns were replaced by plain carpets. As a mum, it has always amazed me how many parents choose cream carpet for their homes which seems a very impractical choice to me for the business of family life. Here are 5 flooring choices you might consider for your home.

Carpets – flooring choices for your home

I do not have carpets in my home and I am happy about that. They are so much harder to keep clean than other flooring choices in my opinion. Yes I tried to keep mine clean and yes I paid for expert cleaners too but it always seems such a losing battle when you have children and pets in the mix. Of course, they are lovely to walk on and give that sense of cosiness. As a less than domestic goddess they will never be my go-to option.

Wood flooring

My dining room has a beautiful wooden floor I bought from Lifestyle Flooring UK last year. I think it gives the room a real sense of style and also a warm feel. It is easy enough to clean with the right products too. I don’t think I would ever choose it for the whole house but in my dining room it makes a real feature that people comment on positively. It has to be said there are some very powerful advantages of choosing hardwood floors for your home.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring these days can mimic hardwood and engineered wood flooring really well. The real plus point with laminate flooring is that you can get a very stylish look and a good level of durability without the more expensive price point of wooden flooring.

Vinyl flooring

I remember some horror vinyl back in the day but times have moved on. Vinyl is now a very practical option especially for busy families. Words like water-resistant, scratch proof and noise minimising did not used to excite me as a young woman but they do now! Vinyl can mimic stone and wooden floors too so there is a lot to love.


One of my top tips when you are making your flooring choices it to invest in good accessories. The right quality of adhesive, underlay and skirting/beading can make all the difference.

What do you prefer when it comes to new flooring choices for your home?




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