Getting Your Garden Ready For A Barbecue
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Getting your garden ready for a barbecue

With the first warm rays of summer shine, BBQs across the country are wheeled out of their winter hibernation. But is your garden ready for this truly-British summer activity? If not, here’s your to-do list for the upcoming summer BBQing season as your guide to getting your garden ready for a barbecue.


Getting your garden ready for a barbecue

Like a room in your home, the basics of the garden need to be brought back to life. Winter is harsh on the garden so don’t underestimate the effort needed to get the basics back in shape…

The lawn

It’s the obvious place to start. Come the warmer days of April, you will find that your lawn suddenly springs back into life. Mow it but don’t cut it too short.

Once you’ve done this, give the surface of the lawn a good rake and stop compaction by using a garden fork, poking the earth at regular intervals to allow air into the soil beneath.

Use a good lawn feed to give it a helping hand to become the lush green outdoor carpet you want.

The plants

Colour in the garden is supplied by the plants, from the deep green leaves to pretty colourful blooms.

Start adding colour to your garden in late May, with bedding plants in pots to support the spring bulbs. Add shrubs later in the year so they get a chance to bed in before the harshness of winter.


The stain, varnish and paint of sheds and decking take real bashing over winter, as does the paintwork on any garden benches or wooden garden furniture you have. Sand it back, removing peeling or flaking paint and, using a good quality product, add colour and protection back to the garden shed, decking, handrails and so on.


The BBQ Area

Now you have the backdrop sorted, now is the time to add the detail and that means creating a seating and dining area that your BBQ guests will just love to linger.

The dining space

From informal, stand-up-and-eat BBQs to a more formal setting, creating a specific dining or eating space is ideal if you plan on eating outdoors regularly.

There are many of doing this;

  • A spacious wooden bench is ideal for extra or informal seating, perfect for enjoying a burger with all the trimmings in the sun
  • Garden dining sets are improving in design, style, and quality but if you intend on dining al fresco on a regular basis, investing in a decent dining table and chairs is essential. But protect your investment by covering it with a waterproof protective cover in winter or store it in a shed or garage. If you don’t have one already, you could purchase one of these sheds for sale.
  • An outdoor sofa is also a great investment if you plan on entertaining regularly too but is also a great idea for you to relax and enjoy your garden too!

And don’t forget to accessorise with lights, cushions, throws and rugs too.

The food

Now that the lawn is mowed, the shed painted, the plants blooming and your garden bench and dining table ready, you need to start thinking about your BBQ signature dish for the coming season.

From BBQing large chunks of meat to creating a more delicate dish for fish and seafood, there are all kinds of fantastic BBQ recipe ideas. And with May being BBQing month, it is no wonder that there are all kinds of fantastic ideas, including delicious marinades and homemade sauces.


Now that we have done all this, there remains just one thing to do: resurrect the BBQ.

This may be the year you invest in a new one. Have you considered the gas options with several burners?

Or maybe you want to stick with white-hot charcoals and the deep smoky flavour that comes with it.

Or maybe you want to completely ring the changes by building your own BBQ. Why not add a pizza oven and really impress your dining guests!

As well as the BBQ and pizza oven, the must-have garden addition for the coming summer is an outdoor kitchen. complete with running water, they make enjoying and dining outdoors super easy.


There is a lot to be said about the great British BBQ. From burnt sausages to delicious meats, seafood and marinade there is one final thing on our mind – as it always is – the weather.

Why not create a roofed seating, dining and BBQing area so you can enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather?

How do you go about getting  your garden ready for a barbecue?

Is Your Garden BBQ ready?



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  • The Pramshed

    It’s been so lovely to see the sunshine recently, but as I write this it is bucketing down with rain and thunder! There are some great tips here and we’re really excited about sorting our garden out (one day) just need to sort the house first. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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    Sadly we don’t have a garden but we do have the beach in front of our flat & an allotment & BBQ on both in the summer – I put turf down on the allotment just for that! #familyfunlinky

  • Tammymum

    We spend as much time in our garden as possible and spend a lot of time and money on making sure it is BBQ/Child?summer ready. It’s my favourite part of the house – if only it was this sunny more often. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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