The Benefits Of Sash And Casement Windows
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The benefits of sash and casement windows

Light is so important to me which means that finding the right windows in a home is important too. Today I am highlighting the benefits of sash and casement windows.

Sash windows

I am very familiar with sash windows as these were what we had in my childhood homes. The slide on these were vertical which is more common than the horizontal slide versions. I love sash windows because they allow so much air to come in which is great in warmer weather but also for freshening up the house generally. Sash windows have thicker frames as they are more complex and tend to be that bit pricier than casement windows.

Casement windows

Casement windows open outwards by means of hinges on either the side, top, or bottom of the frame. My windows at college were casement windows. I used to love throwing my casement windows open and people-watching. Apparently if the window has a top are called awning designs and if they have bottom hinges they are called hoppers.

Changing the style of your windows

If you feel like ringing the changes with your windows, think carefully. Check with your local planning authority whether you are actually allowed to do so. Listed buildings, houses in National parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) usually come with planning restrictions. Also consider if you want to be very different from the houses around you or to fit in.

Getting quotes

Do get a number of quotes for the work involved in changing your windows and ensure all costs of installation are included in the quote so don’t get any nasty financial shocks.

There  are trends in windows as in all choices for our homes. Both sash and casement windows have stood the test of time. Just ensure you have checked out planning permissions and have a firm idea of costs and you won’t go far wrong.

Did you know about the benefits of sash and casement windows before reading this post?

The Benefits Of Sash And Casement Windows

















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