The Benefits Of Double Glazing
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The benefits of double glazing

As the weather turns colder, it is good to start to think of ways to keep warm. With the holiday season over, many of us are also turning our minds to home improvement projects that we can get done before our minds to turn to all things Christmas. A friend of mine is looking into double glazing windows so today I thought I would look into the benefits of double glazing.

What is double glazing?

I remember as a child with very old sash windows thinking that double glazing was a luxury for a home. My mum took a while to be persuaded of the benefits and in those days so many people were scared of being scammed by double glazing salespeople.

I digress. Basically double glazing simply means you have two panes of glass instead of one. There is a slight gap commonly 16mm between the panes and inert gas such as Krypton, Xenon or Argon fills the space between.

Double glazing reduces bills

Double glazing is more energy efficient which means your heating bills will be that much more affordable. We are all keen to save money on  our bills which seem to increase year on year so this is one very good reason to make the investment in double glazing for your home.

Reduction of noise

I do not handle noise well. Whether it is traffic, playing children or barking dogs, noise can really impact adversely on my mood sometimes. I live in the countryside now but even here I am regularly disturbed by the sound of farm machinery or a neighbour’s loud motorbike. Double glazing helps reduce the noise you hear from outside. That’s a big plus point for me.

Feels secure

So many of us worry about crime. The good thing with double glazing is that it can come with great locking mechanisms with fancy names like Espagnolette and SAC (Security and Compression) shoot  bolt systems With reinforced hinges and internal beading, even if you are never attacked, your fear of crime will be that much more reduced when you have double glazing.

Less condensation

I hate the look of condensation and its impact on health and wellbeing. You get less condensation with double glazing so that’s yet another advantage.

Of course, double glazing is a considered investment and  you can check out the double glazing cost easily enough online.






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