Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Finally, after going to the worst time of the decade due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is finally getting back in order. Many schools and colleges are reopening in the different parts of Canada, and there’s a hope that the government would give some relaxation to the stay-home situation in the coming days. However, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you must be thinking about what and how to present the best gift to your partner, bestie, or soulmate. Out of all the other valentines’ gift ideas, the online gift baskets stand out as the best one keeping the current situation in mind. But, there are unlimited possibilities to choose from the gift baskets, and it can be a bit overwhelming to pick one that your partner would love. That’s why we’ve gathered the best Valentine gift baskets ideas for you.  

  1. Chocolate Treasure Box along with Red Wine

Everyone loves chocolates, right? Be it girl or boy, young or old. That’s the reason why chocolates are considered to be the symbol of love and one of the most loved gifts in the world. You can fill the Treasure box with different chocolate treats like Chocolate bars, popcorns, truffles, and wafers. Add the bottle of red wine to complete the Treasure box set for your partner. 

  1.         Perfume Gift Basket

If your partner is in love with a good smell, make his or her day with a perfect perfume basket. All you need is to know your loved one favorite perfume brand and get a premade gift basket or make a custom one yourself. The perfume gift basket usually consists of perfume, deodorant or body spray, a pocket perfume, and a shower gel. You can add more and different luxury scents to it. 

  1.         Cheesy Food Basket

Some people love cheese more than anything in the world. If your partner is one of them, a basket full of cheesy products would be a huge hit for your love. There is a variety of cheesy baskets available to choose from that consist of french cheese, crackers, honey, and different varieties of cheese that the non-cheese lover wouldn’t even know about. 

  1.         Delicious Breakfast Gift Basket

Due to the government’s no dine-in policy, it wouldn’t be safe to go out on a dinner date. Keeping the situation in mind, a delicious breakfast gift basket would be perfect for showing love to your partner on this special day. You can get his/her favorite breakfast food item in this basket and present it. 

  1.         Romantic Gift Basket

Last but not least is the romantic gift basket, which any partner would absolutely love. These gift baskets contain a lovely stuffed teddy bear, a couple of picture frames, some red roses with a heart-shaped chocolate box, and a love card. This is a perfect valentine’s gift for the partner. If you want to go extra, make a custom Romantic Gift Basket by following gift basket DIY. Your partner would be delighted to see that you went the extra mile of her. 


Valentine’s day is all about love, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to show your love for the other 364 days of the year. Showing the small gestures of love to your loved ones and letting them know about their value every day is the key to a healthy relationship. However, these gift basket ideas would help you to pick the best gift for your special one. 



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