How to Get a Good Deal When Buying a Vehicle

Are you looking for a new car to buy? If so, you are probably searching for the best deal. However, if you are new to buying cars, you might need a few pointers to facilitate the process of negotiating a good deal.

Here are a few practical tips to help you get the best price for your chosen car.


Before you start searching for a vehicle, check your finances. Examine your financial situation to determine how much you can actually spend on a car. Check your expenditure and your total income to figure out your overall budget.

Remember to factor in insurance costs, maintenance costs and other costs associated with purchasing a vehicle. Once you have decided how much you can afford to spend, you can move on to the next step.

Check your credit

If you have the upfront cash to purchase a vehicle without a credit facility, you can save a significant amount of money. However, if you don’t have all the upfront money, you would need to apply for financing.

Check your credit score, if it needs improving, go ahead and improve your credit score before applying for a car loan. Bad credit car loans come with high-interest payments therefore, to save money over time, it is best to apply with a decent credit score, which will reduce the interest rate significantly.

Type of Car

What type of car do you want? Do you need a family car? A van? Or are you searching for something more sporty? Once you figure out the type of car that you want, check how much they typically cost.

Get a Used Car

Instead of buying a brand new car, opt for a used vehicle instead. When you buy a brand new vehicle it instantly loses value when you drive it off the car lot. You can purchase something that is three or four years older than the new model and still get the same features or similar for significantly less than you would get it if it was brand new. Obviously, when you purchase a used car you do need to carry out significant checks to ensure that the car is in working order and that everything is legal and above board.

Shop around

Instead of purchasing the first car you see, shop around for the best deal. If you find the same vehicle at another dealership at a lower cost, take note and compare all the prices. Even at the current prices, you can still negotiate to get a better deal.

For example, if you are searching for a Chevy dealer in South Jordan Utah, search for the best deals and negotiate the prices with the dealers you find.

Inspect the Car

Have the car you want to purchase professionally inspected, once you have done this, you can use the information in the inspection report to negotiate a better price. Even if there are no major problems, you can use the slightest issue to reduce the overall price.

Check Repair History

The vehicle might run perfectly well, the inspection came up relatively clean however, the repair history might tell a slightly different story. If you see that the repair history is less than perfect and you still want the vehicle, you can drive the price right down by highlighting the fact that the repair history is quite extensive.

It is definitely not advisable to purchase a car that has an extensive repair history but if you are happy with the car and you want to go ahead, use the vehicle’s extensive repair history to get a significant discount on the asking price.

Previous Owner Check

If there are multiple previous owners but the car is still in great condition, you could use this as a bargaining tool. State that you were searching for a car that had one owner but since this vehicle has more than one owner, you would like a discount on the ticket price.

Get a Smaller Engine Size

Unless you absolutely need a car with a large, powerful engine, choose a car with a smaller engine. Economical cars come with cheaper insurance payments therefore, if you can, purchase a vehicle with a smaller engine size.

Test Drive

You might not think it’s necessary to test drive a car, however, the car you desire might be slightly more expensive but it might not feel right. The car next to it might be cheaper but better quality than the car you want. Therefore, book a test drive and get a feel for the car before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line to purchase it.

Be Open-Minded

You probably have your heart set on a specific vehicle; however, there are lots of vehicles to choose from. Be open-minded and allow yourself room to compromise. You might even find a much better car for less money. Therefore, when you are searching for a vehicle, avoid going in with a closed mind, be as open to new possibilities and different vehicles, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Bottom Line

Buying a vehicle can be challenging and daunting, especially if you are new to it; however , if you want to get a good deal on a vehicle, follow some of the advice outlined in this article. Check your finances and set yourself a budget. Check your credit score to determine your creditworthiness. If you have the money, buy your car in cash, instead of getting into debt, you will save money as you will avoid all the charges that come with buying a car on credit.

Shop around, don’t take the first deal you find, take your time to hunt for the best deal. Always drive the price down and use inspection reports and repair history as bargaining tools to get a discount on the ticket price. Always say that you have seen the vehicle cheaper somewhere else, most car dealerships will be willing to negotiate with you, especially if you have the cash ready to spend.

If you take your time and search for the best deal, you will always find the car you want or something similar or better for significantly less than the asking price. Remember, never accept the ticket price, always drive the price down to get the best possible deal for your chosen vehicle.







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