During the coronavirus pandemic, which halted activities worldwide and forced people to stay indoors, many individuals saw their social life crumble. The thrills and spills, fun, and adventure that came with outdoor activities were a thing of the past. Individuals had to improvise to keep their social life in check. But, some failed at that.

Fast-forward to mid-2021. With everything almost back to normal, individuals are starting to enjoy the fun and excitement they were once deprived of. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be stuck at home, or there won’t be a coronavirus-esque situation that may confine you to your home.

To ensure that your social life isn’t affected when you find yourself stuck at home for whatever reasons, we have highlighted some virtual activities to engage yourself with.

Make video calls

Are you stuck at home and don’t know what to do? Why not try video calling? Video calling is the perfect way to connect with family and friends remotely. Unlike chatting or a phone call, video calls provide people with live coverage of the individuals on the other end. That way, you should be able to see the individual’s expression and showcase things like your new car, home improvement projects, cooking achievement, etc.

If you wish to spice things up, you could set up video conferencing and invite mutual friends. Nothing beats being able to see and communicate with your close buddies without really meeting them in person. After initiating the video conferencing, it is up to you and your friends to devise topics to vivify the meeting. We bet that shouldn’t be a problem!

Consider virtual events

Being at home shouldn’t stop you from having fun, neither should it stop you from throwing a party! Thanks to technological advancement, you can host virtual parties with family and friends in attendance. From birthday parties to dinner parties and cocktail parties, there is no limit to the kind of event you can host virtually.

Although your virtual party activities will be shorter than a normal party, you will still need to make sure that the right preparations are in place. Selecting the right streaming technology for your needs, inviting the right individuals and planning the activities will ensure that you and your virtual guests create unforgettable memories.

Set up phone calls

If you aren’t an introvert, then setting up phone calls can help you kill time while at home. Like other virtual activities, a phone call connects you to individuals remotely. You can consider calling your best friend, a family member, or that special boy or girl.

While talking, you could bring up various topics to spice up the conversations. Interesting topics include popular movies, fantasy vacation spots, favorite books, music, personal and professional goals, and other interesting topics.

Provided you and the listener aren’t at loggerhead, you should enjoy the call and keep the conversation active till you get tired. When you eventually end the call, you would be amazed at how long you have been talking. That is the power of phone calls!

Play online games

Whether it is FIFA, Call of Duty, or even words with friends, games can connect friends in ways unimaginable. It is especially good to go for exciting games if you are trying to ease back into an old friendship. Gaming with someone comes with many benefits. It fosters collaboration and healthy competition and is an ideal way to kill time.

In addition, gaming is a good way to lift your spirits, including that of your friends. And the best part? It is one of the safest virtual activities. So rather than curse your luck while stuck at home, you should reach out to your friends and set up an online gaming activity.

Consider online dating

Rather than stare at your ceiling all day while stuck at home or engage in some boring activities that make you sulk nonstop, why not consider online dating? If you are single, and of course, eager to meet someone, online dating is your best bet.

Online dating is a perfect way to space out while at home. In addition, it raises the probability of finding your match. Chatting with someone new can increase your social skills, and if you are lucky, you could find yourself preparing for a video date or a meeting in person.

There are many online dating sites out there to poke your nose into. You could scrutinize the popular ones to find that which suits you. As a precaution, ensure you video chat before you meet in person to have a visual of who you are meeting.

Netflix watch parties

Watching a movie alone can be quite boring and super-frustrating. With no one to share this amazing moment with, you could find yourself torn between drifting to sleep and concentrating on the movie. But thanks to the new Netflix party, you could watch those exciting movies with your friends virtually.

It doesn’t matter where they are or what time it is. Provided your friends are eager to see the movie with you and have an internet-enabled device, you could find yourself watching a movie you love in the company of your amazing friends.

And when the excitement gets to its climax, you might even forget that you are stuck at home. In the end, the experience of this amazing virtual activity will make you look forward to a repeat.

Find a message board or forum.

Online forums are great. They can help you further explore your interests and meet new people. When stuck at home bereft of what to do, joining an online forum that aligns with your passion or interest is a perfect way to engage yourself in an activity and put boredom to rest. Depending on the online forum you join, you should have a nice time interacting with people and learning new things.


Being stuck at home can be fun if you can immerse yourself in the right social activity. While there are several virtual activities to choose from, it makes sense to go for those that can liven up your stay at home. In addition, ensure you engage the right type of friends, to enhance your experience.




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