Transitioning to clean beauty? Here’s what you need to know

For us women, beauty is a lot, if not everything. We are on an endless journey to have that perfect, glowing skin that dazzles in the sun. And that often requires switching from one beauty product to the other. And boy, how many of them cause more harm than good! Fortunately, clean beauty is here to save the day.

From soaps to lotions and makeup, You’re probably frustrated with how those toxic chemicals often leave you with skin irritations, acne, dark circles, cancer, you name it.

For something that you’ll leave on your skin for hours on end, you need non-toxic beauty products that wouldn’t compromise your health in the name of looking good. But now that you’ve heard about clean beauty and skincare products, are they the same as natural organic skincare?

Debunking the myth

What is a clean beauty product?

A clean beauty product is any cosmetic formulated without any toxic ingredient. Whether handcrafted or manufactured, the emphasis is on zero-toxicity to human skin, health, and the environment.

For clarity, not all green natural beauty products are clean. Some are. But any “natural” cosmetic you use that ends up giving you acne or any other side effects isn’t a good product.

Notably, your skin absorbs about 60% of whatever chemicals you apply to it, and the chemicals enter the bloodstream. Since these beauty products you apply topically are food for your skin and blood, there’s every reason for them to be clean and entirely healthy.

That’s what clean beauty products are for. And the good news? They work!

Getting your clean beauty products

You might instinctively think that any skincare product you see in a high-end pharmacy or beauty shop is clean and healthy. Their high prices may also deceive you. But don’t be fooled. A clean skincare company will offer 100% nontoxic beauty products at a reasonable price. Moreover, they are non-toxic because they are void of the ingredients known to cause harm to the skin. So when buying clean beauty products, there are some ingredients to watch out for.

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid before buying Clean Beauty Products

To make clean products nontoxic and healthy, you wouldn’t find any of the following harmful substances.


This is typically listed as toluene, phenylmethane methylbenzene, benzene. They can negatively impact the respiratory system and cause skin irritation and nausea.


When you see “fragrance” or “parfum,” it can comprise various scent chemicals known to cause allergies, dermatitis, and respiratory issues.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol usually causes skin irritation, hives, and dermatitis.


These are listed as diethyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate, and dibutyl phthalate. They are known to be endocrine disruptors and are commonly present in deodorants, lotions, and perfumes. Can increase the risk of breast cancer and congenital reproductive disabilities.


You’ll often find these as preservatives in moisturizers and lipsticks. They can disrupt the endocrine system and cause allergic reactions in the skin.

Understand your skin

When switching to a nontoxic clean beauty regimen, you’d have to learn your skin all over again. Since you’re just trying the products for the first time, you want to scrutinize how each formula works on your complexion.

Understand what you want for your skin and get the appropriate clean beauty product for it. And this time, you never get to worry about skin reactions anymore.

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