5 Ways to change your image

With pandemic restrictions easing, some of us are returning to work after furlough or reigniting our social lives. After a year or more in loungewear working from home, we may have forgotten how to look great when it comes to our fashion choices and individual style. In lockdown we may have transformed our gardens with flexterra or added feature walls to our houses. Now is the time to look at 5 ways to change your personal image.

Weight loss

Many people have taken to comfort eating in lockdown so weight loss is very much on their agenda. There are a multitude of ways to lose weight from to taking more exercise. Lots of women seem to take up running in later life for example. I find successful weight loss is possible when I am feeling happier emotionally. It’s very much about finding the right path for you as the individual you are when it comes to shedding the pounds.

Wear a hat

There’s that saying that if you want to get ahead get a hat. I think very much like scarves, hats instantly make people notice you and add a certain flair to your look. So whether you want to sport a sunhat, something special for the races or something different from what you wear on your head will have other heads turning in your direction.

Change your hairstyle

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your hair so why not ring the changes? I recently had a short and snappy cut. I added a vibrant red colour which I believe really suits me. You can make up your own mind by checking out my profile picture in the right-hand sidebar. It was lovely to find a hairdresser who really listened to what I wanted and made my wishes come true.


Whilst you are waiting to lose weight and to feel more comfortable in your skin, lingerie is your friend. You can opt for powerful shapewear to flatten the bumps you don’t like. Equally, you can cherish your figure just as it is and indulge in sexy underwear or something silky that feels amazing on your skin. I am sure when I am wearing great lingerie I walk with that much more confidence. The right undergarments make your whole outfit look so much better so get yourself fitted for the a bra as a first step as so many of us are wearing the totally wrong size for us.

Break out of your comfort zone

I find if I go shopping with my daughter, she suggests clothing for me that I would never usually think of buying. It can be helpful to see ourselves through another person’s eyes sometimes. Just because so many of us living in leggings and T-shirts doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Pop along to a fashion store you wouldn’t normally go into and see what appeals to you most.

How will you change your image?


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