5 Uses for drones

I keep hearing about drones and only had a loose concept of what they were for. As I like to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, I did a little research into drone technology. Here is a post on 5 uses for drones although it turns out there are very many ways you can use them. In case you don’t know a drone is a remote-controlled pilotless aircraft or small flying device.

Surveying land

A drone can act as eyes for people planning to build on land. Videos and imagers are gathered giving information which informs building projects. Drones from companies like help people see the bigger picture from the sky with stunning and detailed aerial photography. With this information in place, construction companies can work out what they might need to succeed such as temporary access solutions from or similar resources.


Drones are immensely useful but can also provide a whole heap of fun. Flight is a topic that fascinates so many of us. Hobbyists have tinkered with flying machines since the late 1800s. It’s best to use your drone in open locations so that you can always see your aircraft. It is possible to attach a camera to your drone to enable you to gather stunning imagery and detailed videos of the world around you. You might be best leaving your Evoke Winery red wine pack until after your drone session as you don’t want to be drunk in charge of a drone!

Disaster relief

I recently worked for Christian Aid which is one of many charities that help when countries are faced with natural disasters. It excites me that drones that can be used to help vulnerable people in this situation. You can pack loads of sensors into a drone that can help with the location and saving of lives. Thankfully, drones can also be used to deliver medical supplies to remote or dangerous disaster zones. Drones can claim to be live savers in search and rescue missions.


Drones can be used to measure the height and density of crops, They can even assess the actual health and quality to the crops. When it comes to livestock drones can use heat sensors to work out the temperature of livestock. Water is vital for successful agriculture and drones can help to work out whether water is present at all and its temperature and quality. Biological sensors can provide helpful information on air quality.

Other uses for drones

Did you now the film industry is able to use drones when making movies? This is far cheaper than using a manned helicopter for example. Drones are great at getting into hard to reach places too. Sports events are now using drones to help with media coverage. I can add oil, gas and mineral exploration to the multiple uses for drones in modern society.

How much do you know about drones? Could you fancy owning a drone?


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