Guide to Preparing Your Kids for Their First Desert ATV Trip

What better way to enjoy this year’s summer than by riding some fancy ATVs with your kids?

Kids love fun, and desert ATV riding is a great way to encourage their spirit of adventure. Whether they are 10 or 16 years old, there’s an ATV for everyone.

But sadly, your children haven’t ridden on these vehicles before, and it’s alright to be scared. Notwithstanding, you can put that challenge to bed by teaching your kids how to ride an ATV.

ATVs are much safer than motorcycles partly due to their four wheels, and through proper mentoring, your kids will be up to speed.

Knowing that teaching your child is beneficial to creating fun and adventurous habits for your kids and family in general, we’ve outlined some important steps to take when instructing them.

Tips to teach your child how to ride an ATV

Start by prioritizing safety

As a parent, the safety of your children is paramount to you. It would help to also bring that ideology here.

Firstly you want to choose the right safety gear. Get a well-fitting helmet, a face shield to protect their eyes from dust, a chest plate, and boots.

But that’s not all. Rather than solely depending on how you can protect your child, also teach them how to think smart and protect themselves through some safety lessons.


Find a comfortable spot and start riding.

Now you want to get a good location. You’re not yet hitting the desert with your ATV until your kid is ready for it. So try to get a good spot in the neighborhood that your kid will be comfortable in, one with a lot of space and a flat surface. You can get such places around parking lots on the weekend or after work hours.

Remember, your own desert ATV would not be the best for your 14-year old kid as it may require more power to handle. If you do not wish to purchase or cannot afford another, consider investing in Desert ATV rentals so your child can have an ATV with the right size, weight, and specs suitable for them.

Now it’s time to instruct them on what to do. Your child may be the wild one who jets off before you know it, or they could be a bit timid. Whatever the case may be, you want to give them some space to be creative and have fun.


Teach your child to steer

Desert ATV riding wouldn’t be fun without the turns and obstacles. That would require your child to be great at steering, so you want to prepare them for that. This you can do by standing on a spot and asking them to circle you over and over again.

If they’ve got the hang of that, you can start creating more obstacles using cones. Teach them how to decelerate and brake before making hard turns, how to accelerate, and how to make the ATV an extension of themselves.



Riding an ATV is not all about focusing on where you’re going; there’s more. You should also teach your child how to focus on other things around them while riding, just as it is with cars and motorcycles. Such things would include obstacles, the trail conditions, and other ATV riders around them. One way to teach your kid how to focus on other things while riding an ATV is through the game “I Spy.” Describe anything in your child’s surroundings and ask them to ride to it without telling them what exactly you’ve described. That way, they’ll subconsciously focus on both their driving and what they’re looking for.


Ride together

ATV riding can be exhilarating when done in a group. If you have two or more kids and a spouse, all the better. The more, the merrier. And this is most helpful for your child learning to ride an ATV.

Once your child has gotten familiar with riding in the neighborhood, it’s time to take them off the road. This can mean taking them to a sandy path or riding straight off to the Las Vegas deserts. And since your child is still a beginner, let them ride between two riders. These can be you and your spouse or any other family you’re taking along who knows the drill. If you don’t have enough to go around, opting for desert ATV rentals will help you get the best-suited vehicles for the party.

Riding with your child in the middle can help boost their confidence level and sense of security. This encourages them to ride without fear, precisely what you need for them to have fun and become more masterful in desert ATV riding.


Give your child some freedom – but not entirely

Now you’ve fully set out for your desert ATV riding. Having seen how excellent your child is, you want them to be free and wild in the desert. But it’s a great idea to also have some control over their safety, albeit remotely.

You can do this by installing a kill switch. This will cause the vehicle to gradually halt should your child find it difficult to stop safely. You will have the remote control with you by which you’ll activate the kill switch.


Beating the heat when ATV riding in summer

If it’s your child’s first time desert riding in summer, you don’t want the heat to tell on them. That can ruin the essence of your vacation. There are measures you can take to beat the heat when riding an ATV in the desert with your kids. Below are some tips

  • Get suitable clothing. Your clothing choice when desert riding should be loose-fitting and light-colored clothes made of cotton. No synthetics as these don’t breathe well, and dark colors absorb heat.
  • Take several cans of cold water in your backpack. This would help prevent heatstroke. Aside from water, having healthy sports drinks. Avoid those with high sugar content.
  • Wear sunscreen. Exposure to too much sun is never too good. Since you’d be at a higher altitude, wear sunscreen for you and your kids before leaving.


What to avoid

For the utmost safety and wellness of your kids, avoid the following before and during your desert ATV riding:

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar



Spending time with your kids is a great way to pass the summer holidays. And it becomes even more pleasurable when you get to engage in an activity that is not only exciting but also creates family bonding.

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