Hairy Legs Club and why shaving is not necessary

Do you shave your legs? Have you heard of the Hairy Legs Club? Whilst I think taking care of your feet and legs is important, for me that is nothing to do with shaving.

Hairy Legs Club

There is a new social media thing going on where women are posting pictures of their unshaven legs.  Other women are saying they would never do such a disgusting thing.

I am confused.

Do I shave?

I have shaved my legs probably less than 10 times in my entire life.  From the way people are going on, you would think that I would need to plait my leg hairs or put them in bobbles.  It is a wonder I am not tripping up my long leg hairs as I walk down the street.

On the occasions I have shaved my legs, the motivation has come from trying to please a bloke or trying to avoid judgement from other women.  Since I have never felt the need to ask a bloke to shave his legs, why should I shave mine?  If women judge me harshly merely based on hairs on my legs, I think that is really sad.

If you do shave your legs and get something for you out of doing so great.  If you don’t that is equally fine by me.  It is your body after all.

Worrying language

Part of what bothers me is the language used when this topic is discussed.

The female presenter used the word “brave” about people who leave their legs unshaven.

Brave means ready to face and endure danger or pain.  Shaving can cause pain.  What real pain or danger applies if we don’t shave our legs?  So no I don’t think being hairy is brave.

Brave people for me are those who take on real challenges or keep on keeping on when life throws curveballs their way.

Only 18 per cent of the people joining in the ITV This Morning survey said they would “dare” to not shave.  The word dare is linked to the word courage which involves facing fear.

So what frightens some women into shaving their legs?  Anything? If you know, can you leave a comment so that I can understand.

So now you know if you did not do so before that I am “disgusting” but that must also mean that I am so very brave and daring that I am due some Pride of Britain type award right?

Hairy Legs Club


1. Men won’t fancy you if you have hair on your legs

2. You will never get on in a job or in blogging if you don’t shave

3.  You will never have friends if you don’t shave your legs.

4. People will constantly verbally or physically abuse you for not shaving your legs

5. When we meet, I always look at your legs

Not that brave then after all!

Are you a fan of the Hairy Legs Club?










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  • Mari

    Brilliant post Kate and I love your new header too. I do shave my legs … but only when I have to bare them. I’m afraid I do worry too much about what people will think of me and what they will say.
    Winter is not so bad for legs though eh? Tights, trousers. Job done 🙂

  • Kate Davis-Holmes

    Thanks for commenting Mari. I have no problem with people shaving if they want to do so but am concerned that too often people do things through worry and fear.
    I never get as far as looking at your legs because I am always captivated by your beautiful smile. Promise next time we meet to check your pins out.
    Glad you like the header – I am thrilled with it.

  • Ellen

    I shave mine because I like smooth, however I sometimes can’t be bothered to do it & will go 3 weeks without shaving. Each to their own & all that!

  • Jean

    Love this post. I rarely shave my legs. Last time I shaved was for a hospital appointment for a check up after a leg operation. Previous time was for the op 🙂

  • Carly

    I’m hit and miss when it comes to shaving, throughout the winter I don’t bother, but I will occasionally in the summer time, i have fair hair though so it’s not overly noticeable (i don’t think!)

  • Karen

    I shave mine because I like the feel of smooth legs and fresh bed linin (honest the little things are the most important!) but I’m not sure anyone actually notices when I don’t for a while, not even the husband and he’s up close and personal

  • Pen

    What a funny thought. I often forget to shave my legs. In fact I usually take the winter months off. I would love to do a survey amongst men to see whether this issue is actually a real one or just an issue in our heads and something that we force upon ourselves. #thetruthabout

  • Sam

    This is such a cultural issue isn’t it? There will be plenty of cultures around the world where leg shaving is not a thing I suspect but us westerners are programmed to feel these completely random things about the way we should look and present ourselves and yes, I too buy into the need to present smooth shaved legs in the warmer months when they’re on display! I actually quite like the feel of smoothly shaved legs too and hairy legs make me feel a bit itchy. Having said that I think what’s more of a worry is the trend for women to think it’s normal to ‘go Brazilian’ or a version of it. I think there is a whole section in the play ‘The Vagina Monologues’ where that very issue is discussed! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Kate – very thought provoking.

  • Maddy@writingbubble

    Thought-provoking post! I wish I didn’t prefer the shaved leg look but I do… I guess I’ve been programmed by society in some way – you just never see women with hairy legs (on display) on the red carpet or in celebrity magazines – or if you do then it’s to point out the hair! We do have ridiculous standards of so called beauty these days. I find the notion that hairy legs are ‘disgusting’ quite offensive! It’s just leg hair! Actually, I rarely bare my legs so don’t shave them that often at all – especially not in the winter. When I do shave them it’s often because I myself prefer the look and feel, rather than to conform with others who (apart from my husband who is not bothered one way or the other) rarely see them. I think the whole ‘being brave’ thing is just the bravery of going against the accepted norm and possibly drawing unwanted attention to yourself. It’s not real bravery in the grand scheme of things though, as you say! #thetruthabout

  • lucy

    Doesn’t it depend on how hairy the legs are in the first place/before shaving? Mine make me look like goat woman (au naturel… hmmm, I’m English and school girl French was some time ago) If you’re going with the goat woman look, heels and skirts just don’t seem to work imo.

  • Marie Evans

    I bet when they asked the people if they shaved their legs i bet they were all under 40.Models or footballers wives lol I wear trousers all the while so who sees my legs? You give up worrying when you get older & people who have kids don’t have time or the inclination to bother.Don’t get me wrong in the Summer if I wear cut offs or go swimming that’s a different matter so is toe nail painting but heck Winter mths no way.

  • mackenzieglanville

    Interesting topic, I shave men most of the time because I find waxing my legs very painful, yet waxing my eyebrows or bikini line don’t hurt at all weird I know. But over winter I don’t bother much. I actually think we are brought up to find hairy legs as bathing to be embarrassed about, but it is silly isn’t it. Besides If I am standing in a room with my husband with hairy legs he’s still too busy staring at my breasts lol. #ABloggingGoodTime

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