Baker Ross review

Baker Ross review of arts and crafts materials

Do your children enjoy arts and crafts? I wanted to share my daugher’s passion for such things and my Baker Ross review.

My daughter loves using her imagination and creativity. Her activity of choice would always be arts and craft. I remember when this passion started. We were at a birthday party and she had a tantrum. I was not coping very well when another mum suggested I give her some pencils and paper. Suddenly she was calm and full of smiles. She had found her forte.

Although she has been criticised at school for her artwork, I am naturally biased and love what she creates. Also, I believe that art is all about free expression and should be done with enthusiasm no matter what the world might think.

Recently we received an exciting package from Baker Ross. If the company is new to you, I recommend you check them out particularly if like me you sometimes run out of ideas on the crafting front.

It is always exciting to get a parcel and if it contains fun for the family so much the better.

Here are some of the things my daughter created.

This little house shaped money box came ready to decorate according to a child’s individual taste.


My daughter enjoyed playing with coloured sand making rockets and keyrings.


She also put the sand in a little tray to create a mini beach scene.


I hope you enjoyed my Baker Ross review. The catalogue and website have so much choice and you can set your budget and then start having crafty fun.

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