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Great Reads for Summer Holidays

Are you looking for great reads for Summer holidays? It’s always such a luxury to have the time and space to read a good book. So many women and mums struggle to find the time to read as often as they like. Summer holidays can be a great time to get back into the habit. It really is possible to get back to reading and these 3 recommended reads from Jo will get you well on the way to doing so.

The Mum Who Got Her Life Back by Fiona Gibson

I’ve enjoyed many of Fiona Gibson’s books in the past and have previously recommended Take Mum Out in a previous post. They are all so true to life, clearly recognising the complex relationships between children of all ages and their parents.

Great Reads For Summer Holidays


In this book, amicably divorced Nadia is left home along after her twins leave for university. By chance, she meets Jack and the story follows their progressing relationship told from both sides. There’s lots of humour, a little sadness and something that most mums will identify with.

There’s also a trip to Barcelona, which had me googling places mentioned for my own trip. This is definitely a nice easy read to get you in the mood for summer.

Kiss me at Willoughby Close by Kate Hewitt – great reads for summer holidays


Great Reads For Summer Holidays

This is the 4th in a series of books about the various residents of Willoughby Close. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story.

Kiss Me at Willoughby Close is by far my favourite, and focuses on Ava. Although Ava arrives to the close following her husband’s death, it’s not a depressing story as you find there was more to their marriage, or rather there was less!

This book actually focuses more on Ava learning to build and accept friendships for the first time in her life. Witnessing the unlikely relationship between Ava and Lady Stockley is both amusing and uplifting.

It’s worth reading this just to see the word flibbertigibbet in print.

Wildflower Park by Bella Osborne


Great Reads For Summer Holidays

The story begins as Anna moves closer to her friend and colleague Sophie after being dumped by her fiancé. Their houses back on to Wildflower Park which is a beautiful private park owned by the residents. The park itself isn’t mentioned a great deal, this is more a story about the lives of the two main characters.

In the beginning, we witness the changes afoot at work and join the staff on a team building weekend. Of course they never run smoothly do they?

Anna then adopts the charismatic Maurice, befriends his former “parent” and partakes in a mysterious text conversation.

Pregnant Sophie becomes disgruntled with her life and relationship, and develops a workplace crush. You know that can only end in tears, but I won’t tell you anymore so there are no spoilers.

The paperback of this comes out in June but I read the first three parts on Kindle – part four is due to be released at the end of April. Each episode can be bought separately or as one complete Kindle book.

As each part is 10 chapters long, they can be read in a couple of hours which is a really nice length to settle down and switch off I find. It is well written full of likeable believable characters, with one that you like to loathe too.

It’s easy to read with lots of twists and turns that I didn’t foresee. There’s lots of humour in Wildflower Park too.

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Can you suggest any great reads for Summer holidays? Here is a great novel I recently enjoyed.

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