The Blanket Bears Book Review
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The Blanket Bears Book Review

When I was asked to do The Blanket Bears Book review I was amazed as the request came on the 50th anniversary of my own adoption or rather the day my new parents took me home for the first time. Now that is what they call serendipity. The Blanket Bears is a book about adoption from a child’s perspective. Adoption is a wonderful thing and was the making of me. However, like many adopted children I have struggled with issues around identity all my life. I also experience insecurity a lot and can be quite needy apparently. It makes absolute sense that a child will experience trauma on being removed or displaced from her birth parents. Over the years I have learned to forgive myself for my wobbles and see them in that adoption context. Any tools that can help an adopted child make sense of their journey are to be welcomed.

The Blanket Bears book review

The first things that I noticed about the book is that it is beautifully illustrated. It reminded me a little of The Snowman in that regard. I was pleased to see the book is endorsed by Adoption UK immediately giving it a degree of credibility. I was interested that the book is also recommended by a clinical psychologist.  Just before I began to read the story I had a sudden memory of how my adoptive mum used to tell me that I came only with a blanket and a doll.

The story

The Blanket Bears is a sweet tale of two little bears who are cold and need a cuddle and someone to love them. In that the bears are like most humans whether adult or children if we are honest. Someone notices they need help and finds the right couple to place them with. These are the foster carers who eventually help the bears find another couple as their forever parents.


The Blanket Bears is on the face of it a sweet story. It shows a fostering and adoption journey in a really accessible way. The story is open enough like the best song lyrics to allow discussions to emerge for individuals on this journey with their own common and unique issues. As for my own progress even so many  years later, I will just say my fur is growing back but it takes time. Wisdom is knowing that is OK and to be kind to ourselves as adopted people and hope that our birth and natural parents are kind to themselves too.

Let me know if you enjoyed my Blanket Bears book review.


The Blanket Bears Book Review


Title: The Blanket Bears
Author: Samuel Langley-Swain
Illustrator: Ashlee Spink
Synposis: The Blanket Bears is told through the eyes of two little bears who go on a ‘typical’ adoption journey, their happy ending is important for children going through their own journeys to have hope and also for friends, families and schools to understand their journeys better.
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