Is It Safe To Take Kratom Capsules After Consuming CBD Gummies?

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Everyone loves to relax after a long day at work. Modern pressures have led many to seek alternatives to boost their mental health by eliminating anxiety and stress. Out of the many remedies available, CBD and kratom are popular because of their excellent stimulation, and relaxation effects.

Due to the numerous effects offered, kratom and CBD are growing in popularity. Some innovative kratom and CBD enthusiasts have even begun experimenting with combinations of different strains, such as green horn kratom and Sativa CBD. This is because they wish to gain the best both substances offer.

However, most users remain skeptical about the effects due to unfamiliarity with these substances. This article will help you understand the effects to expect when combining CBD and kratom. The information will ease your fears allowing you to experience the health benefits of a kratom-CBD combination.

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Effects of CBD Gummies On The Body

CBD influences the opioid and glycine receptors which control pain and serotonin production. Serotonin is a hormone that regulates mood, anxiety, sleep and promotes well-being. CBD also helps fight anxiety, acne, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and poor appetite.

The gummies are popular since they provide a discrete and tasty form of CBD, with various flavors ranging from cherry, pineapple, watermelon, lime, to passion; it all depends on your tastes and preferences.

Innovation in the cannabis market has also led to different concentrations and potencies. Some gummies contain 5mg, while others have 25 mg per gummy. Your consumption wholly depends on your tolerance, the condition being addressed, your metabolism, lifestyle, bodyweight, bioavailability, and desired effect.

Users are advised to consume the gummies after a meal for slower effects. You can also estimate your dose based on your weight by taking 1-5 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. Feel free to start on the lower end and gradually increase the dosage as your tolerance increases.

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Effects of Kratom Capsules on The Body

Kratom capsules influence opioid receptors in the brain to release various effects. This herbal extract is fascinating since its effects are dependent on dosage; at lower doses, it leads to stimulation and ease of social anxiety, while higher doses produce sedative and calming effects.

Higher doses of kratom refer to 5-15 grams, while lower doses are those below 5 grams. Kratom capsules come in a standard size of 0.5 grams, so you will likely need 4 to 5 capsules for a good dose.

The effects of kratom depend on the strain, too, with some, such as Bentuangie, lasting longer than others. You can expect an hour’s worth of effects on the lower end.

Effects of Combining CBD and Kratom

Now let’s say you feel adventurous and take kratom capsules after taking CBD gummies. Is this even safe? What are the effects you can expect? What is the proper dosage to prevent these two substances from causing negative side effects?

First, you need to understand the different kratom strains and their effects, such as energizing, relaxing, and sedative. Afterward, you can purchase the best CBD gummies based on dosage.

There are four basic combinations you should be aware of:

Small dose kratom capsules and high-energy CBD gummies result in maximum alertness and energy. The combined effects of the stimulant kratom and energizing Sativa CBD will kick in at this stage to provide maximum energy.

Higher dose kratom capsules with downer CBD gummies bring about blissful contemplation, sleep, and pain relief. In this scenario, the downer cannabis strain (mainly Indica) will interact with a high dose of kratom to stimulate your senses and relax you simultaneously.

Small dose kratom capsules and downer CBD gummies cause a short relaxing high, followed by alertness. The small dose kratom strain will offer stimulation, while the Indica strain will lead to the short relaxing high.

Higher dose kratom capsules and high-energy CBD gummies cause a nice feeling of focus, giving way to calmness. High-dose kratom is renowned for its sedative effects after an energizing Sativa high.

Experts recommend starting with a small meal and taking the CBD gummies first. It is also a good practice to wait for 30-60 minutes, then take kratom, after which you can have a snack. A full stomach beforehand can lead to nausea, but on the plus side can help rein in the effects to avoid binge-eating after consuming the CBD gummies.

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As a kratom or CBD enthusiast, you may be aware of the benefits each extract offers users. But are you aware that you could combine them for added benefits? Our guide analyzes the effects of these substances to help you make a proper decision on how to safely combine kratom capsules and CBD gummies for added health benefits.


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