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Book Review of Destinations by Sheila O’Flanagan

After reading and reviewing the Missing Wife, I was keen to seek out author Sheila O’Flanagan again. I went off to a second-hand book shop hoping to find one of her novels. Sadly the only book they had available by her was a collection of short stories called Destinations. I was happy enough really and bought it. Here is my book review of Destinations,


The stories are all based on stops along DART which is the electric rail system in Dublin. Funnily enough I have always wanted to write a book of short stories myself based on public transport. I am sure like me you have found yourself at railway or bus stations wondering what has led individuals and families to travel that day. Is the reason for their journey happy or sad? Will they experiences shocks or surprises when they reach their destination?

Book review of Destinations

I  hate to say it but I was disappointed in this book. The themes of the tales are timeless enough – infidelity, regret, embarrassment and so on. However, I found myself reading along but not really caring about characters very much at all. This surprised me as in the Missing Wife I was rooting for the main character throughout the novel.

What I liked about the book

The book has proved useful on those days where I am exhausted and just want a quick read before going to sleep. The stories are not demanding but do prove a distraction from the tasks of the day or any particular issues you might be facing that you don’t want to think about in the moment. I can see it as a good companion in a similar ways on the commute home after a busy day at work. It may well make you look at your fellow passengers a little more closely though.


I will read this author again but would avoid her short stories in the future.

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Destinations Book Review



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