Ways To Overcome Holiday Boredom

Ways to Overcome Holiday Boredom

Holidays are always met with initial excitement. But once a few days have passed sitting on the couch mindlessly immersed in a trashy series or getting sucked into the endless drone of social media scrolling, you begin to feel a bit bored. If you have already got your holidays jam-packed with an endless list of things to do, then this won’t be for you- but read it just in case you have those quiet days where you don’t know what to do with yourself or your kids. Take a look at this list of 7 ways to overcome holiday boredom this season.

Ways to overcome holiday boredom

  1. Take a Hike

Number one on our list of top things to do during the holiday season is to get immersed in nature. This is especially true if you have spent your days focused on a screen, whether your cell phones or the tv screen. If it is safe enough to do so, go on a solo hike to gain some perspective or gather a group of people that will enjoy unplugging and enjoying nature, even if it’s only for a few hours on a short trail.

  1. Hold a garage sale

Have you got a bunch of useless stuff lying around? OR maybe you want to try out that minimalistic thing that has been trending. Either way, shedding old things that no longer serve you any purpose is always a great idea. Sift through your wardrobe and find stuff that you no longer wear, old electronics that you no longer use or books that you no longer read. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  1. Get Creative

Thanks to an endless array of online tutorials for drawing, you can even stroke your creative spirit with ease if you are feeling bored. Research suggests that art is not only a simple hobby, but getting creative can be therapeutic as well. Got some unresolved feelings that you are harboring? Search for a tutorial and grab your creative weapon of choice.

  1. Backyard Camping

This one is for the young ones. Do you remember being a young child begging your parents if you could dirty the spare sheets, blankets and pillows so that you could build a fort outside? Give your child that same joy. And for those living in colder climates, why not turn the lounge or the bedroom into a fort for a day and night? It gives your kids something to do, and allows you to smile back at fond memories.

 5. Get cooking

Find a recipe for your favorite dish and explore your inner chef. Put on your favourite music, pour yourself a glass of wine and get cooking!

  1. Check out your Local Museums

Many people would love to visit certain museums, but are hesitant due to the normally high admission fees. But, did you know that most museums have at least one option for you to utilize to get in for free? Research what days the museum you would like to go to offers free entry (if any) or check out local art exhibitions that could be hosting free entry to their events.

Cultivate fun and interesting hobbies with the time you have, and you will find yourself both enriched and relaxed after the holidays.



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