Children’s books and their life lessons

There’s something magical about children’s books. From the brilliant illustrations and imagery to the whimsical stories that unfold, nearly every person can recall their favourites from childhood. To this day, scholars, educators, and parents alike use these books as a vehicle to herald children’s imaginations and as a means to teach valuable lessons. Nearly all of our favourite classics share underlying life lessons which, as parents, we can utilize in helping our little ones develop and understand the world in which we live.

Invaluable created this neat infographic that details eight classic children’s books and the powerful lessons that each relates

Children's Books

What is your favourite children’s book? What lessons does it offer for adults and children?

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2 thoughts on “Children’s books and their life lessons”

  1. I love this – we own all of these books. I love a good message in a story but that’s the English teacher in me. Most of all I’m a fan of fables and fairy tales. Thanks for sharing this, it’s really interesting. #AntyhingGoes 🙂

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