5 Valentine Shop Display Ideas

So many retail outlets suffered in the pandemic especially when shops deemed non-essential had to shut their doors to the public. With vaccines in place and restrictions eased, it is vital stores take every opportunity to promote their products and services effectively. It’s time to make up lost ground and work with important seasons to attract customers into your shop. Retail design is important and today I am sharing 5 Valentine shop display ideas which I hope will inspire you when it comes to your own business. You may of course wish to talk to a retail design agency in uk to learn even more.

Valentine shop display ideas

Even though Valentine’s Day is not long after the spending splurges of Black Friday and Christmas, it remains a time of great spending. This is partly as it celebrates love and relationships. Also the really cash-strapped month of January is out of the way. The weather is getting that little bit milder and the shoppers are out in search of attractive cards and gifts for their nearest and dearest. Others will spend a lot of money trying to persuade someone to be their partner. Capitalise on this season by having a featured display in your store dedicated to love with as many red and pink hearts as you can find.

Promotional bundles

You can encourage spending by putting Valentine-themed products in attractive bundles. The hampers market has done this for years with a huge level of success.  Bundles of products make the consumer think they are getting a lot for their money. They make a bigger impact when given as a present. If the items are not red or pink, ensure you get the loving feeling going with red or pink ribbons as part of the packaging.

Don’t ignore Valentine’s Day whatever you sell

You may think that your products would not appeal to the Valentine’s market. This would usually be a big mistake. Let’s say you run a pet shop. Remember that the nation is famous for its love of cats, dogs and other animals. Encourage your shoppers to buy something special for their pet again making use of the power of colour and bundles. Get your creative juices going and brainstorm ideas with your staff about how you can link your offers to the Valentine theme.

Dress in red

It may sound a little extreme but a shop owner and staff dressing in red to mark the Valentine’s season will attract attention. You might even get a little media coverage in traditional media. Could you run an in-store giveaway or do something for charity to really get the local press excited about your shop?

Pop-up shops

Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular. This involves using a space for a temporary period to promote your goods. You might do this in a vacant shop, a shopping mall or an art gallery. The temporary nature of the pop-up store makes consumers think they must urgently make a purchasing decision for fear of missing their opportunity. This works really well around special seasons such as Valentine’s.

How do you attract customers who are feeling the love?


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