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Top 14 blog post ideas for your book blog

Book Blogging is a great thing to indulge in. You get to read a lot of books, talk books, and spread the word about books. Running a book blog is an exhausting job, unlike your preconceived notions. Just like all other bloggers, book bloggers too run out of ideas. You cannot write reviews all the time because let’s be honest, nobody would then be engaging on your blog. Your audience wants something more than just reviews from you.

You can try contemplating and brainstorming on the ideas for your new blog post. Sometimes ideas just will not come. So, how can you maintain the growth of your blog? How can you continue posting regularly on your blog and your engagement figures soar?

I made a list of top 14 blog post ideas for your book blog. So, the next time you cannot figure out how to make a filler post, you can simply refer to this post and keep it going.

  • Bookish Tags

I recently came across this idea while I was blog hopping and it hit home. This is a very simple yet cool idea to create something on your blog. You can find plenty of book tags on Google. There’s seriously no end to them.

  • Blogger Interview

If you want to grow your blog, there’s nothing better than building meaningful relationships with like-minded people. Collaboration is now the most effective means of communication. Get your fellow bloggers to share their stories and their journey on your blog.

  • Interview an Author

You read books, right? Then why not share the people behind the books you love? This is such an amazing idea to connect your readers with the authors. In this way, you promote an author and help bridge the gap between a reader and a writer.

  • A Book Recommendations post

You have collated a list of your top reads from a particular genre. Make a book recommendations post. A short crisp introduction on the books you like would make it so much easy for your readers to pick them or not.

  • Share your journey of blogging

The people reading you have the right to know the real you. Who are you apart from a book blogger? How did you land up in this space? What made you start a blog? Share it all. Trust me; people would love to connect with you.

  • Cover Reveals

If you’re associated to some publishers, blog tour or PR companies, you will certainly get chances to bring out the first look of any latest release. This is another super-easy way to spice up things on your blog.

  • Share your favourite blogs

Don’t tell me that you are a self-centric blogger and obsess over your blog only! You better get out of your fairyland and do some blog hopping. Read others and seek inspiration. Share a list of some of your favourite bloggers so your readers know that there’s so much out there.

  • Talk about your favourite bookish quotes

Isn’t it time to talk about your favourite quotes from the books you love. This might help others to pick the right book for them.

  • Guest Posts

If you are running out of content, then why not seek help from those who have their creative juices flowing? Ask people in the community if they would like to write a guest post for you. You get a blog post, they get the backlinks. This is a win-win situation.

  • Write an opinion post

Now, we all would agree that there are so many things under the sun, other than books, that concern us. If there’s an issue nagging you and you have formed an opinion, why not share it! It’d give your readers a chance to read something new and of course, know you better.

  • Give some tips

Now that you’ve been blogging for quite some time, you have become a bit of an expert. Share your top tips. Topics might include how to get review copies, how to contact publishers and publicists and how to craft a blog post.

  • Update your readers

Let’s connect with your reader on a more personal level. They read your stuff and they support you. They do have the right to know what goes behind a book blogger’s life. Share your personal life updates so they get a sense of the authentic you.

  • Host a giveaway

Giveaways are great way to bring in more traffic and visibility to your book blog. You can conduct one on your own or you might collaborate with some author or even another blogger friend to host one.

  • Share your thoughts on social media

We know how people are swooning over social media especially Instagram. Everyone’s creating content and sharing it. Do you like the latest trends or not? Tell your readers. If you do have your favourite social media network, talk about how to rock it.

There are hundreds of topics you can use to create blog posts when you don’t know what to do. This list isn’t exhaustive but are the ones that have good results for me.

Happy Blogging!

This is a guest post from Khyati who runs the Bookish Fame blog which I would encourage you to check out.

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