Stylish Laundry Basket Review

Stylish laundry basket review

One of the perks of blogging is that you sometimes get lovely things to review. As my regular readers know, I am currently staying with my brother. As my eldest teenage son also came home to roost last year, my brother’s washing  loads have gone up a lot along with his water bills. So I was delighted when the wonderful folks at Mokee got in touch. I hope you enjoy my stylish laundry basket review.

Stylish laundry basket

The first thing to say about the laundry basket is that it is so very attractive as you can see from the image. In fact, I would say the picture does not really get over how lovely it is to look at. I know laundry baskets are practical items but we like our homes to have pretty things in them and this basket is certainly that. It is a wicker colour but with gorgeous blue and white detailing. It is made of seagrass and I am now looking for new seagrass items because it is a real head-turner as a decorative item that also serves a useful purpose.

Strong and practical

Washing clothing is not the most fun in the world but somehow this laundry basket makes the task so much easier to accomplish. It is really strong and unlike other baskets does not have bits coming off it from time to time. It has really user-friendly handles so I can carry it up and downstairs with ease. My brother did not have a laundry basket so was carrying items to the line a few items at a time. This makes pegging out in this glorious warm weather quick and easy. Even better, the basket comes with a washable linen lining.


The manually woven  laundry basket is designed for a nursery so might be smaller than your usual basket. However I find it works well for my needs.

H55 cm x W35 cm x D35 cm

Price and delivery

The cost of this stylish laundry basket is £75 which means you get free delivery.  You may well be tempted to add other items to your order if you have a little one as Mokee sell cots, Moses baskets and other nursery essentials.


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