Having Trouble Conceiving? 3 Ways To Test Positive

So you have made up your mind that you both want to have a baby. You’ve thought long and hard about the kind of near-future you both will have. You’ll be getting up at night, feeding, changing and having to take care of your child around the clock. But, in the end it will be worth it, right? So, conceiving is not something that is straightforward. It can be for many couples, but just as many others, find it is an uphill struggle. This could be due to many reasons but we’re not going to go into it. We’re just going to give you 3 ways to get the positive pregnancy test you have been wishing for.


Right time

You should be having intercourse when you are ovulating. This is when the body releases hormones that will regulate your uterus temperature and your cervix will become less thick and dry. The cervix mucus will become thinner, helping sperm to swim upward and get to your egg. The thing is, many women have no idea when they are ovulating. It should occur about every 28 or so days. It’s basically when you are having a period but it may not feel exactly the same. Ovulation is just a stage during your period. It’s when your egg is released and your body gears itself up to accept his sperm. Track your ovulation periods on your calendar if it helps and speak more with your doctor about this topic.

A helping hand

Many couples find that their egg and sperm just cannot find each other. This might be because of how your cervix is shaped, the strength of his sperm or just a number of other issues. But, an IVF procedure can help you get pregnant by extracting your egg and his sperm and then fertilizing in lab conditions. Once the egg and sperm have fertilized, the new embryo will then be inserted into your uterus whereby the natural process can take place. This is something that many couples have found to be incredibly successful because all the hard work is done by the scientists. 

Lower stress

In some unexplainable cases it was found that stress played a factor in a couple’s infertility. It’s not that uncommon to not get pregnant even if you’re having intercourse daily, both of you are just one of you is stressed. It’s a bit strange but for some reason it can affect the woman’s protein enzyme which in turn shortens the time you can conceive. So you should do things that lower your stress, before you have intercourse. Go sightseeing, read a book or perhaps, go have dinner together. More or less, stress is going to affect the woman more when it comes to conceiving, but he should not be too stressed either. Being in sync can only be a good thing.

Trying to get pregnant is a wonderful experience as your bond as a couple is only going to get stronger. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry too much about it. Try these things and let us know how you got on. 


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